May 2024

What to do if they have low IQs?

(Saturday/Sunday blog)

Apparently, it’s now illegal for the US military to accept any applicant with an IQ lower than 83.

Why? Because there is absolutely nothing useful someone with an IQ of below 83 can do in today’s military. Though one might suspect that during World Wars One and Two, the US military took just about anyone as they needed loads of cannon fodder.

But if there’s nothing useful someone with an IQ of less than 83 can do in the military, then there’s probably not much that is useful which these wonderful individuals can do in civilian life either – apart from drug-dealing, rape and other crimes.

Now, the big question is: do we believe the results of IQ tests by race when such research was still allowed and before political correctness ended any such inter-racial comparisons? If we do believe the validity of IQ tests by race, then here’s one set of results of average IQs by race (each race would, of course, have a normal bell-curve distribution of IQ levels):

Race IQ
Ashkenazi Jews (studies range from 104 to 115; the IQ of Sephardic Jews is estimated to be the same as Northern Europeans) 110
East Asians (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore) 105
Europeans (Northern and Western Europe is 100; Eastern and Southeastern Europe is 95) 97
American Indians (North and South America) 90
Hispanic-Americans 89
Southeast Asians (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Borneo) 87
Pacific Islanders (Natives of New Zealand, Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, and Hawaii) 85
African-Americans 85
South Asians (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, the Gulf states, the Near East, and Turkey) 84
North Africans 84
Sub-Saharan Africans 70
Australian Aborigines 62

I am not saying these results are in any way valid. I am not saying that there is any difference between the average IQ of different races. That would be “waaaccciiiisssstttt”. I am merely hypothesising about the situation were such IQ results valid – which, of course they are not.

If the above results were valid (which, of course they are not), then around 10-15% of the US or Northern European population cannot do anything useful in a modern technologically-advanced society. For Southern Europeans this would rise to 15-20% of the population. For North Africans, according to the results above, almost half of people would be incapable of making any positive contribution in terms of work and a career in an advanced modern society……………..and I’ll let you guess what percentage of some other races have something to offer society.

Fortunately, all races have equal intelligence – any fule kno that (as Molesworth or any progressive, virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou libtard would reliably inform us).

After all, anyone who suggested that Chinese tend to be better at badminton and table tennis, while blacks tend to be better at basketball and 100-metre sprints is clearly a stupid, retard, truth-denying racist. I can think of many black world-champion ping-pong players (though I can’t quite remember their names at the moment) and many Chinese 100-metre sprint Olympic gold medalists (though I can’t quite remember their names at the moment)

Therefore everything I’ve written above is just uninformed, unfounded speculation and we have absolutely nothing to fear from 2 to 3 million North Africans and Sub-Saharan Africans flooding into Europe every year. They are all highly intelligent, well-educated and will all get great jobs with wonderful career prospects and benefit all of us through their industrious efforts and all the tax they will pay once they all get these highly-paid jobs which fit their high educational level and high IQ.

Yippeee! Thank you Mrs Merkel and George Soros and Tony Blair!!!!!

Thank you for your contribution to advancing civilisation!!!!

4 comments to What to do if they have low IQs?

  • John Bull

    Coverage of the latest Betrayal by Theresa May, she Will keep our borders wide open ,We will be swamped by none Europeans and We will continue to start War with Russia.

  • dr

    If the US military-intelligence complex manages to pack out Congress, it will be the killer blow for any democracy remaining in America. It will clear the field for a secret state organisation, which has shown little or no regard for human life and the rule of law, to accelerate its warlike agenda. It will have unfettered access to the national finances to accelerate its programme of global aggression, and damn the consequences for anyone else.

    The stakes could hardly be higher.

  • david brown

    The chemical incident – blamed on the Russians without evidence allowed May to appear tough when she was in fact in the process of Groveling to the EU.Was it a lucky coincidence or was it staged by the deep state?
    Recall the fake chemical attack -watch on youtube – in Syria which PM Cameron tried to use to get a vote to use RAF firepower against Assad.

  • David Brown

    Just came across this on Conservative MP Anna Soubry facebook page. Parliament has just passed Refugee Family Reunion Bill. Its aimed at facilitating more Muslim immigration into England.

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