July 2024

A politician who dares to tell the truth? I’m so angry!!!!!

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Not a hate crime

First, let me return to a subject I’ve written about previously – how the police have claimed that the Manchester bombing was NOT a ‘hate crime’. And now that a piece of shit has been found guilty of attempted murder for planting a bomb on the London Underground at Parsons Green station, we find that he too has not been accused of a ‘hate crime’. So, according to the British police, distributing leaflets expressing concern about the Izlumification of our country is a ‘hate crime’, but blowing people up is NOT a ‘hate crime’ as long as you’re a Moozerlum. Had a white, indigenous Brit planted a bomb in a Moozerlum area, that would definitely be a ‘hate crime’.

You really couldn’t make it up!

A politician telling the truth?

Here’s a short one-minute video from that great bastion of corruption and greed (sorry, I meant ‘great bastion of democracy’) the European Parliament.

In it, an MEP from Geert Wilders’s party tells the truth about what is happening in Europe. How dare he? How dare he tell the truth that we can all see, but are prevented by our thought-control police from ever mentioning?

Naturally, the other MEPs are screaming for him to be fined or thrown out of the European Parliament or prosecuted for ‘hate crimes’ or Izlumophobia because free speech is “verboten” throughout Western Europe when it criticises our rulers’ policy of race replacement and the destruction of Western civilisation.



3 comments to A politician who dares to tell the truth? I’m so angry!!!!!

  • Alan Thorpe

    A friend of mine wrote to me a few days ago about events and ended saying: “what a blessing they [our mothers] are not with us now, for today’s World would have distressed them terribly.”

  • david brown

    Anyone think that the chemical attempt to kill the former Russian spy may be a false flag. Its making our weak PM look strong.The united we stand photo call with our enemy Macron.
    The spy chemical case is lead story on The Telegraph. The second is about our government making concessions to the EU.

  • NoMore

    Well said that chap – and he did get a few claps even in that House of Sin.

    I’m about 80/20 it was the Russians on that David which makes me a maverick for not being 100% certain like the MSM.

    – It was a Russian traitor so motive there certainly
    – They have form for bumping folk off in England with exotic and dangerous weapons e.g. Polonium
    – They can see how weak our “leadership” is and lack of defence
    – Chemical was invented in Russia

    – They could have killed the victim and his daughter at their leisure back in Russia as the former was in gaol there and the latter lived there
    – The weapon was a little too Russian as if to point a big clumsy finger at them (could have been Putin yanking our chain though I guess but).
    – Timely bit of distraction to hide the Southern/Pettibone/Sellner disgrace, Telford, wholesale sell-out on Brexit and make the useless Maybotch pretend to look firm and decisive for the ever-Tories.
    – We need an EU Army!!

    It more likely was them but I have so little trust in our State bodies any more I have my doubts for all that.

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