December 2023
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Bye, bye Sweden – Part 1 It was nice knowing you

If I was to mention ‘Sweden’, these are probably some of the images you’d think of:

This is the Sweden I used to know when I worked there and went sailing there.

But Sweden has changed probably faster than any other European country in the last few years.

Sweden has taken more immigrants per capita than any other European country. Now the country’s share of foreign-born people is over 17%, the highest in the Nordics – Norway’s share is some 14%, Denmark’s 8.5%, while Finland has only a third of Sweden’s share at 5.6%. And the stories coming out of Sweden nowadays are not about blonde girls, football, forests and lakes and are more usually about riots in no-go areas, rapes, violence and truck of peace attacks:

You may think that 17% of the population being non-ethnic Swedes is high, but not disastrous. However, that’s before you consider the age distribution of ethnic Swedes compared to those from other ethnic backgrounds.

In 2013, the proportion of people in Sweden with a foreign background in the age group 0-44 years was 33.3%. One year later, in 2014, the percentage increased by almost 1% to 34.3%. Now, it’s probably over 36%

But now let’s look even further into Sweden’s demographics. The best estimates I’ve seen are that in the 18-30 demographic group, around 40% of ‘Swedes are either foreign-born or children of foreign-born parents. As for the 1-18 age group, it is likely that over 50% are either foreign born or children of foreign-born parents. (It’s difficult to get accurate figures as now any child born in Sweden is considered ‘Swedish’)

As I’ve shown in previous blogs, due to the massive invasion of Sweden by Third-World migrants, even the corrupt, politically-correct UN has admitted that Sweden will itself be well on the way to becoming a Third-World country by 2030:

Within 20 years, the majority of Swedes of working age may be either foreign-born or the children of foreign-born parents. One commentator even predicted that ethnic Swedes would be a minority in their own country by 2041. I think that by 2050 looks more likely.

Please note that these predictions of Swedes becoming a minority in their own country are NOT the rantings of some right-wing lunatic, they are simple arithmetic. If the number of ethnic Swedes is declining and the number of non-ethnic Swedes is rising, then at some point ethnic Swedes will be the minority.

The politically-correct, emasculated Swedes are getting what they voted for and their treacherous rulers are now ordering them to adapt to this takeover of their once beautiful, peaceful, civilised country:

In just around 70 years – less than a normal lifetime – Sweden will have gone from a country with a 90% ethnic white majority to a country where ethnic Swedes are in a minority without a bleat of protest from ordinary Swedes.

As a former Swedish Prime Minister said, probably without understanding fully the reality behind his words “Sweden belongs to the immigrants”:

Here’s to you Tommy Robinson

Tomorrow, I’ll look at the wonderful effects mass immigration are having on the once envied Swedish educational system.

In the meantime, to cheer us all up on another dismal autumn morning, here’s a song about our very own Tommy Robinson – enjoy:


2 comments to Bye, bye Sweden – Part 1 It was nice knowing you

  • Really, really mad Brian

    Hi folks ,

    I have got to the stage that I don’t give a toss about Swedes, Sweden, Fins , Finland, Norway or Norwegians or any of the other European fu##wit countries like France and Italy and the Bosch, including the UK that is hell bent on taking it up the arse by the Muslim religion of peace. F##k the lot of them. Who are these c##ts ( clots)that think they have the right to do this to us ?

    The sooner this putrefied boil is burst the sooner that we & the people of Europe can get our act back together and change direction from the idiotic path that a worldwide collection of politically correct, gutless sh##head, so called leaders, have led us down.

    Bring it on Abdul, I am ready for you !
    My experience of n#g n#gs is they will do f##k all unless they outnumber you 10 to one. I can tool up and carry a machete too if I need to.
    That means we have got about five years to go before the fun starts.

  • Tommy's pal, Mad Brian

    Regarding Tommy Robinson,

    An intelligent working class lad who should be admired throughout our land.

    Balls of steel.

    Heart of a lion.

    Speaks more truth in one sentence than our parliament does in ten years.

    The police and our so called government have got it in for this boy.

    Maybe they are the problem and not tommy ?

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