May 2024

“It was ‘culture shock’ that made me rape them!”

No time to write a full blog today. So instead, following the theme of yesterday’s blog about how some of us get punished for invented ‘hate crimes’ while others get lenient or no sentences for real crimes, here’s a lovely little story from Australia.

A Libyan student has had his sentence of just 3 years in prison for a series of sex attacks reduced because a psychologist judged that the man felt “anger and arousal at the way Australian women dressed” due to the “cultural shock” he experienced when arriving in Australia.

So, Australian women, if you’re raped by a Middle-Eastern or African migrant, remember that they just can’t help themselves because of their “culture shock” at way you dress. Therefore it’s your fault, not theirs, when they feel “anger and arousal” and rape you and sodomise you and hit you etc etc.

Australian ladies, enjoy the future that most of you bleeding-heart, rapefugees-welcome, ever-so-liberal, brainless Sheilas keep voting for!

Here’s a link to the story:

AUSTRALIA: Why did a judge reduce the sentence for a Libyan Muslim scholarship student charged with sexually assaulting six women and a 13-year-old girl?

2 comments to “It was ‘culture shock’ that made me rape them!”

  • MGJ

    Stockholm Syndrome seems to be one of the most important factors driving Western politics. Any attempt to reduce murder, rape & terrorism results in hysterical emotional backlash from precisely the people most vulnerable to it.

  • Mr J G Fields

    I am in despair at our leaders. How can a man, any man,
    enter Australia, break that country’s law, and a judge
    reduces his sentence.This certainly sends out an inviting
    message to more of these feral animals.
    What about the assaulted women. Did the judge think of their rights. Answer, sack the judge.
    In passing I would like to say that as one of the
    17.4 million Brexit leave voters, who took part in a
    LEGAL referendum why do I have the feeling that I am
    slowly being shafted, and if this is so, what does it say
    for ordinary citizens rights under the UK constitution.

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