June 2024

Manchester……..What can I say?

How to react to yesterday evening’s Manchester attack?

From our rulers expect:

  • “Our thoughts are with the victims and their families”
  • “This had nothing to do with Izlum”
  • “Izlum is a religion of peace”
  • “The bomber was a ‘lone wolf’ with psychological problems”
  • “We are united and terrorists will never succeed in dividing us”
  • “British Muslums have made a huge contribution to our country”
  • If we’re lucky, we might even get “It was the Russians trying to influence our election result”
  • May and Corbyn both visit mosques to show their solidarity with Britain’s ‘oppressed’ Muslums

From foreign political leaders:

  • “We express our horror and sympathy with the people of Manchester”
  • Landmark buildings lit up with the British colours – red, white and blue. They should be able to get hold of the lights easily as they would have used them after the French Muslum attacks
  • “We’re all Mancunians now” even though most of them probably have little idea where Manchester is

From the lefty libtards, BBC and Channel 4:

  • Hashtags and candlelight vigils
  • Solidarity ceremonies showing Christians and our Muslim friends “united against hate”
  • “We have no idea yet who could be responsible”
  • “We have no information on the reason for the attack”
  • Some Muslum idiot on TV claiming attacks on Muslums have increased since the bombing and that this is the real problem we need to solve
  • Blaming the right wing/Nigel Farage/etc/etc/etc for provoking hatred
  • Claims that rising Islamophobia was actually responsible for the attack
  • Claims it’s all the fault of white indigenous British for not integrating better with migrants
  • Loads of z-list celebs desperately getting their names in the media and their faces on TV by their ‘grief-signalling’ as they all try to outdo each other in showing how sad and shocked they are

From me – what else can I write apart from?

  • “You were warned”
  • “I told you so”
  • “Why couldn’t you listen?”
  • “Ramadan 2017 hasn’t even started yet and here we go again”
  • “Are our rulers pleased that they have given us Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of blood’ and the blood is that of our children?”
  • “Did nobody in Manchester’s Muslim community notice one of their members stockpiling explosives, nails, bolts and other bomb-making equipment? Did anyone think of reporting this to the police?”
  • If our politicians’ “thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families” why have they allowed 5 million often low-IQ, inbred, intolerant, violent, West-hating subhumans to come to Benefits Britain and why do they brand anyone who dares protest against this invasion and takeover of our country as a “racist” and “bigot”?
  • “When will anyone admit that we are at war, that this is a clash of civilisation versus backwardness and that you can only win a war by recognising who your enemy is and by obliterating them?”
  • “If this proves to be an Islamic-inspired terrorist attack; will every mosque in the UK start a fund-raising effort for the victims who have been killed or maimed in the name of their God? This would allow all those millions of supposedly ‘moderate Muslims’ living in Britain to actively show their love of all humanity”. 

14 comments to Manchester……..What can I say?

  • Brillo

    The trouble is there is not one politician who is prepared do something about the religion of peace. The solution, scrap child benefit, bring in birth control and stop all immigration from their countries immediately. It’s a radical move but if we do not address this massive problem western civilisation is doomed.

    Hopefully the 640,000 under 34 years olds that registered to vote yesterday might wake up although I doubt it. The weird thing is they are the ones who will see the end of the West as we know it.

    From screwing young girls to blowing them up what a lovely bunch they are.

  • Chris

    I would start checking the security staff, someone on the inside helped.

  • Eddie John

    Anyone with an once of brain knew this was coming and there will be more to follow.

  • Tommy Atkins

    You missed one from Our Ruling Elite,

    “It must have been the Russians”

    And your absolutely right Eddie John , this is just the beginning , following the usual pattern in other Christian countries of the past.

    Note the total lack of outrage from millions of UK Muslims.

    Security staff in Manchester, err diverse perhaps.

  • John Fields

    How can you hope to win this war when your own
    generals are praising the enemy. I am old and in despair
    at what our youngsters have to face. With the present
    attitude of our leaders we have lost.

  • G Mac

    A reader has suggested the following. Clearly I would never condone such a suggestion!!!!! “Fight fire with fire, drag all known terrorist/sympathisers into mosques and burn them to the ground.It is the only language these animals understand, they want to be martyrs? -make it happen.
    Kick the remainder out of the country, demolish every mosque in the country, Ban all moslems from entering the UK.
    Any apologist for our dear moslem friends must be removed from and public office and offered free transport to a nice moslem country.
    this may sound a tad harsh, but none of these measures would be unacceptable to ou moslem friends if/when the opportunity

  • Longbow

    You have missed the bit where Mr. Corbyn tells us how brave the bomber was.

  • Peter

    The politician quotes are nauseating. The emergency services do indeed, do a fantastic job, but instead of praising them as an electoral soundbite, how about telling the nation what they are going to do to stop these attacks on the citizens? Close the Mosques, Deport this Religion as it has proved time and time again that it is not compatible with a Civilised Western Society

  • Libtard

    I don’t see anyone here leading a Ban Islam movement.

    Just smalltalk.

    At least get a petition together and mail it to the queen.

  • Chris

    Which single country pays to build mosques all over the world? Who pays for the food, weapons, transport and the salaries of the murderous young men in Syria and Iraq? Which country provided the personnel and cash for 9/11 and has managed to keep secret the US report damning its involvement. That country is the real sponsor of terror yet according to May and the MSM it is our great ally in the middle east. The problem is that our country is now being managed and trashed for the benefit of the very few rich who mostly don’t even live here. Whilst the MIC is still permitted to sell $billions of profitable weapons to rich despots, the populace here and in the middle east will continue to be cannon fodder and manipulated using fear mongering and militarised police.

  • Ian

    22-05-13 lee rigby
    22-03-16 Brussels attack
    22-07-16 Munich attack
    22-03-17 London attack
    22-05-17 Manchester attack
    Coincidence ?

  • Son of a miner

    Instead of protests on the streets we have a candlelit vigil..oohh how scary..the moslems must think ” soft twats”

  • Longbow

    My apologies to Mr. Corbyn. Someone must have told him that supporting the terrorist who carried out the atrocity will not win him many votes.
    I note that the Burqa Broadcasting Corporation was careful to stress that the prime suspect is a British man. Curiously, the Muslim Council of Britain felt it necessary to issue a statement condemning the attack. I wonder if there is any connection.

  • zx80

    Watching the usual suspects from the media and politicians giving us the benefit of their wisdom on why this has happened and how the likes of the coward who perpertrated this just want to “divide us” constantly makes me retch.

    Because the PTB STILL dont get it! Are they REALLY this effing stoopid?
    Heres a little insight i think i should share with them and you all so you can understand what it is thats actually going on here.

    These muslim fanatics dont want to divide us, we are already divided and its their choice to be so.
    Theyre the ones who refuse to integrate, theyre the ones who place their mental religious ideology ahead of living in peace with all other religions and races, theyre the ones who agree with murder of non muslims and turn a blind eye or laugh about such atrocities with their conspirators, so Media and Politicians, do STOP with that tired line, we are already divided. Some fat twat adherent of the religion of peace wrapped in a union jack and spouting on the box about tolerance and unity and all that good shite should be treated with the contempt they deserve, theyre the enemy, giggling up their sleeves when everyones gone home, theyre indidtinguishable from any of the ones who want you dead.

    The other little fact which constantly eludes those in the media is this, these scum dont want to divide us, they dont want to listen to us, talk to us, be like us or live next to us, They simply want to KILL US.
    No matter who you are, or who youre standing next to, these bastards just want you dead so they can extend their ideology over all areas of the world and reap the benefits of modern western technology, weaponry and medicine, minus of course all those whose minds produced it.
    Thats the bottom line, they want you dead! No negotiations, no way out, you have to die, thats what theyre about. Get it yet? No? Pft.

    So next time some arsehole politician or media hack tells you theyre doing it to “divide us”, you tell them to go F*ck themselves with a live grenade.

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