May 2024

Comedy from Sweden? You must be joking!

I don’t know if today’s blog will mean much to readers who don’t know Sweden.

I’ll try to explain. I have worked in Sweden for several years (I speak Swedish and Danish). But the Sweden I knew was Sweden before it became Swedistan. This Sweden was basically 3 peaceful cities (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe) and then a lot of indistinguishable and incredibly boring small towns usually based around a few factories.

There was nothing to do in most Swedish small towns and nothing ever happened in Swedish small towns. Absolutely nothing. The only ‘crime’ the Swedish police ever had to deal with was picking up a few drunks on a Friday or Saturday evening. And there weren’t many of them as alcohol could only be bought in special Government shops and they could refuse to sell strong spirits to anyone known locally as being partial to too much booze.

Many Swedish girls are stunning and many men tall and enviably healthy. But I can assure you that Swedes really don’t have much of a sense of humour.

However, today I feel I must bring you a short video of an interview with the Swedish police that takes comedy to a completely new level.

The police chief is being interviewed about a rise in sex attacks in whatever crappy, boringy little town he works.

The interviewer knows why there has been a rise in sex attacks and the police chief knows why there has been a rise in sex attacks – the Third-World male migrant invasion and takeover.

But neither the interviewer nor the police chief can mention this politically-incorrect truth as it would lead to them losing their jobs. So they both carefully tiptoe around the truth giving an interview that is almost Pythonesque in its absurdity.

In a way they’re playing a weird game whereby they are both astonished at the rise in sex attacks on Swedish females and neither can possibly imagine why this is happening.

But, worst of all, most Swedes seem to be so stupid (perhaps that’s why they’re named after a vegetable?) that they are taken in by this game and keep voting for politicians who are successfully turning Sweden into a Third World country. So, Lars and Sven and Inga and Sophia, when your daughter gets vaginally gang-raped and gang-sodomised and kicked and punched and spat on and urinated on – tell her to enjoy it, it’s what you voted for again and again.

Goodbye Sweden! Welcome to Swedistan!

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