July 2024

Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy it before it’s banned for being offensive

Ban all Christian celebrations!!!!!

Yesterday was Valentines Day. I didn’t participate as I find celebrations like Christmas and Easter and anything with the slightest link to Christianity and saints and suchlike deeply offensive to those who live to be offended. And I always take care not to offend anybody.

Here’s what our dear friends in Indonesia think of Valentines Day:

And here are our dear friends in Pakistan showing what they think of Valentines Day:

I expect it won’t be long before we have similar demonstrations against Valentines Day in Europe. And there will be boycots of any shops daring to sell Valentines Day products. Then the multi-culturalists and libtards and progressive, holier-than-thou, West-hating traitors across Europe, and especially in Britanistan, will be calling for Valentines Day to be banned as it’s clearly offensive to a certain group of people. And another of our traditions will be abandonned to appease the invading, Third-World armies

A modern medieval love story?

And, to carry on the theme of love, here’s a short video (probably from Saudi Arabia or some similar medieval hell-hole) apparently of an 80-year-old man being married to a 12-year-old girl in an arranged marriage.

The best bit is at the end when he gets into bed with his young wife.

Assuming the repulsive old pervert can get it up, I’m sure the young lady will remember her wedding night as being one of the most joyous of her whole life.

However, beyond that I make no comment as to comment might be seen as racist and *sl*mophobic and divisive and promoting hatred and a form of ‘non-violent extremism (a crime I hadn’t heard of till a reader alerted me to it).

3 comments to Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy it before it’s banned for being offensive

  • MGJ

    It gets madder and madder.

    As well as Valentine’s being ‘offensive’, we now hear that the game of snooker is ‘racially charged’ (presumably due to hitting a coloured ball with a white one?) and that drinking milk makes you a ‘white supremacist’ (apparently due to a scene in some crap film).

    Next week there’ll probably be something even funnier.

  • anthony

    What a joyless “religion” islam is – it hates music/alcohol/bacon sarnies/people enjoying themselves in general. Muslims are only happy when causing misery to others (including animals)- either by raping them or killing them. To a muslim the apogee of life is too die whilst killing “kuffars”. I would say a waste of a life – but quite honestly they are so brainwashed it’s not. My cat probably has more humanity than these “people”- certainly brings me more happiness than any muslim i have met.

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