January 2017
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No laws for them – brutal laws for us

Today, I’d like readers to consider the difference in how our laws are applied to our many new guests from the World’s One and Only True Religion and ordinary white ethnic Europeans:

Burning down synagogues is OK

A court in Germany has decided that a brutal attempt to set fire to a local synagogue in […]

German politicians say the funniest things

Firstly, in response to my blog about Ethiopian droughts – where I pointed out that reduced rainfall was a regular 7 to 10 year event that could be predicted and planned for, one reader wrote – “I think this is by far the most racist and disingenious (sic, I think he meant ‘disingenuous’) article I’ve […]

Drought in Ethiopia? It’s all a pack of lies!

I wanted to stick with Africa for my weekend blog as I had some thoughts that may be relevant to the perpetual appeals we get to give money to starving, drought-hit Ethiopians and Eritreans and other primitives who live in the Horn of Africa.

Firstly, there have been supposed ‘droughts’ in the Horn of Africa […]

Remember those starving African babies we saved?

Like me, you’ve probably been giving money to charities for years to save starving African babies. And like me, you were probably bombarded over the Christmas period by appeals for money to (yup, you guessed it) save starving African babies.

So, why are African babies still starving?

When most people think of foreign […]

The new ‘English Empire’?

When telling us why we voted to leave the EU, the pundits and experts and chattering classes privileged elites usually say it was mainly due to Merkel’s disastrous open-borders immigration policy. Or perhaps the self-appointed supposed ‘experts’ give some other reason.

But one thing they never dare mention is ‘national character’. Why not? Because it […]

Ah, the joys of dementia

I don’t know the average age of my dwindling band of readers. But I suspect many will have a relative who has or will soon get some degree of dementia.

If so, here are just a few of the delights they can look forward to:

Grasping Granny Syndrome

I’ve written before about what I’ve named […]

How the Government could save billions – but won’t

Our rulers keep telling us that the British economy is a great success and is growing faster than most other European countries and is creating more jobs than other countries etc etc.

What our rulers are less enthusiastic about mentioning is the astonishing level of our national debt – up from £750bn when Cameron’s Coalition […]

The future for our cities?

Our society is becoming increasingly split – between the inner cities which are turning into lawless ghettoes run by our friends from the One and Only True Religion and the suburbs and country to which white ethnic British increasingly flee to escape the hell that our inner cities are becoming.

Here’s a video from Berlin […]

Beware the BA ‘Avios’ airmiles scam

Following a comment from a reader yesterday, today I wanted to just give a link to a blog I wrote two years ago.

I’d ask readers to click on the headline and read the readers’ comments and then never fly BA ever again if you can avoid them.

Here’s the link:

Beware the BA airmiles ‘free flights’ scam

Thankfully we still have the Internet

As almost all our politicians and all our mainstream media cower in terror of the invading *sl*mic armies, thankfully we still have the Internet to spread the word about how our rulers are deliberately destroying Western civilisation.

Two websites I would recommend are “barenakedislam” and “thereligionofpeace”.

But perhaps most importantly we have the real modern-day […]