May 2024

German politicians say the funniest things

Firstly, in response to my blog about Ethiopian droughts – where I pointed out that reduced rainfall was a regular 7 to 10 year event that could be predicted and planned for, one reader wrote – “I think this is by far the most racist and disingenious (sic, I think he meant ‘disingenuous’) article I’ve ever read in 2017. Obviously I’m not surprised since the piece written by Mr bigot himself”

I thought my weekend blog was properly researched and provided the statistical basis for my claims that stupidity, indolence, overpopulation and corruption were more responsible for Ethiopia’s problems than any weather or rainfall variations. But some progressive, lefty, holier-than-thou, we’re-all-the-same, Kumbaya, hug-a-tree, save-a-polar-bear snowflakes really don’t like the truth and so resort to the standard accusation of waaaacccciiissssmmmm when someone contradicts their misinformed, Guardianista world view.

Now, today’s blog. Admit it, like me you always thought the Germans didn’t have a sense of humour. As for Germans understanding and even using irony – forget it!

Well, now we all know the truth. The Germans are a truly hilarious and really ironic bunch.

After  all, what could be funnier and more ironic than the country famous for invading other European countries and slaughtering their people, because they believe them to be inferior to Germans and even subhuman, allowing Europe to be invaded by millions of inbred, low-IQ, largely illiterate, unemployable, violent, rape-obsessed, supremacist, emotionally and intellectually retarded Third-World scum who believe that we are inferior to them, want to oppress us and want to slaughter even more Europeans than the Germans habitually do when they regularly lose their rag?

Well, there is something that could be even funnier and more ironic than that.

What could be funnier than that would be Germany’s leaders hailing this utter disaster as a wonderful thing for Europe.

I don’t know which buffoon in the video below is the funniest. It could be the woman from the Greens welcoming the Religion of Peace invasion as being good for Germany. Or it could be the ‘arschlok’ claiming that there is no link between terrorism and M*sl*m immigration.

But I think the award for must ludicrous lie goes to the German politician who kept a straight face while saying that the taxes paid by the hard-working migrants were supporting the pensions of older anti-immigration Germans. As far as I remember, the latest German government report showed that around 50 of the 1,000,000 migrants who arrived in Germany in 2015 had got jobs in 2016 and around 40 of these supposed ‘jobs’ were menial, minimum wage positions with Deutsche Post.

So, give a big hand for today’s comedy stars. Here they are – the comedians who run Germany and thus Europe.

Brexit from this madhouse cannot come soon enough!

3 comments to German politicians say the funniest things

  • Peter

    Merkel has personally destabilized the entire region. Hundreds of thousands of refugees she let in are unaccounted for….and have spread throughout Europe. The German people and the rest of Europe will forever be impacted by her policy.

  • Eddie John

    Dave you really should know by know,
    First rule of Liberals … its always someone else’s fault.

  • Chris

    It seems to me that Germany wants a 4th Reich achieved by subterfuge. The EU is the cover story and the impoverishment of Europeans essential to the Coudenhove Kalergi plan.

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