July 2024

Drought in Ethiopia? It’s all a pack of lies!

I wanted to stick with Africa for my weekend blog as I had some thoughts that may be relevant to the perpetual appeals we get to give money to starving, drought-hit Ethiopians and Eritreans and other primitives who live in the Horn of Africa.

Firstly, there have been supposed ‘droughts’ in the Horn of Africa in 1892, 1913, 1929, 1935, 1942, 1951, 1958, 1966, 1973, 1984 and 1988.

So, my first question is – are these droughts unexpected events that could not be foreseen? Or are these droughts part of a recurring weather pattern that can easily be predicted and planned for?

Then I wondered – what about that there El Nino? After all, El Nino is a regularly occurring weather pattern that has nothing at all to do with supposed Climate Change or Global Warming bollox. Moreover, it’s well known that El Nino has a major influence on rainfall in many parts of the world causing more rain in some and less rain in others.

So, I found a chart showing El Nino events:

I’m abroad at the moment so don’t have the Internet access or time to try to do a proper correlation. But could it be that the repeated supposed ‘droughts’ in the Horn of Africa are actually linked to El Nino?

Possibly. But whether El Nino is the cause of failing rainfall every 7 to 10 years in the Horn of Africa, it’s hopefully clear that low rainfall is a predictable event occurring every 7 to 10 years that can be planned for and easily dealt with. After all, a bit of intelligent irrigation, some water conservation and some storage of food would make the recurring low rainfall a minor irritation rather than a major catastrophe it always turns out to be.

But that would mean the peoples of Ethiopia and Somalia and Sudan and Eritrea stop murdering each other, start thinking ahead, making plans, getting organised and doing some real work. This is not a very likely prospect given the apparently low intelligence level and natural instincts of much of the region’s population.

Then we have population – Africa’s perpetual curse:

Oh look, when Saint Bob Geldorf did his holier-than-thou BandAid thing in 1984/5 there were around 40 million wonderful Ethiopians. Now there are around 96 million of these fabulous people!

Perhaps someone from Oxfam or UNICEF or Save the Children could explain how a country that was unable to feed 40 million people in 1984/5 should be able to feed 96 million now? And let’s look forward another 20 years to 2037 when there will be around 190 million Ethiopians. Ooops! Has anybody planned for that?

Meanwhile, here are a few more inconvenient truths:

1. The 10 richest families in Ethiopia are worth around $24bn. Perhaps if they stopped looting their country and paid a little tax there would be enough food and water for everyone?

2. During 1983-1985 the worst famine in the country’s history which led to more than 400,000 deaths, the military government not only spent between $100m and $200m to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the revolution while millions were starving, Mengistu’s regime also attempted to impose customs duties on aid shipments to further enrich themselves.

3. During the 1973-1974 Wollo famine, attempts to hide the reality of the situation by the Ethiopian government caused 300,000 deaths. Meanwhile Emperor Haile Selassie spent some $35m to celebrate his eightieth birthday in 1973.

4. And then there are the reasonably reliable reports (all vehemently denied by the foul-mouthed Saint Bob) that much of the food aid was loaded straight onto Russian cargo ships and sent to the then Soviet Union in exchange for millions of dollars of weapons for the Ethiopian government.

I could go on, but you probably get the picture by now.

Perhaps the charities and aid agencies clamouring for our money ‘forgot’ to tell you about these?

Time to recolonise?

Ethiopia’s and Sudan’s and Eritrea’s problems have nothing to do with drought. The low rainfall is entirely predictable and could easily be planned for. These countries’ problems are the stupidity of their people, their obsession with producing ever more children that they have no means of feeding and their utterly corrupt incompetent rulers.

The only way to save these basket-case, cesspit countries from themselves would be to recolonise them, throw out their disastrous thieving rulers, implement drastic birth-control policies and run them as UN protectorates for a few generations giving time to develop their people, their infrastructure and their agriculture.

But, of course, nobody dares propose this as it would be “waaacccciiiisssstttt”. And so the human misery continues threatening not only these countries but also European civilisation as the ignorant, subhuman hordes pour into our continent to escape their own entirely self-inflicted impoverishment.

Forget about the myth of ‘man-made global warming’. What’s happening in Africa really is a mess! And it’s a threat to humanity! And it really is a total truly man-made disaster!

4 comments to Drought in Ethiopia? It’s all a pack of lies!

  • Theophilus

    Briliant, full of harsh truth people dare not say in the politically correct world we have today.

  • NoMore

    Excellent assessment. The UN has unfortunately been hijacked by 3rd world “elites” who use it as a undeserved wealth redistribution from the 1st world to themselves.

  • Mike

    I think this is by far the most racist and disingenious article I’ve ever read in 2017. Obviously I’m not surprised since the piece written by Mr bigot himself.

  • Roy

    Perhaps, Mike, rather than criticising the piece you could give us your own personal assesment of Africa’s problems. This would allow a sensible and civilised debate.

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