July 2024

The future for our cities?

Our society is becoming increasingly split – between the inner cities which are turning into lawless ghettoes run by our friends from the One and Only True Religion and the suburbs and country to which white ethnic British increasingly flee to escape the hell that our inner cities are becoming.

Here’s a video from Berlin – but it could just as easily be Birmingham or Manchester or Rotherham or many other once ‘British’ towns.

As usual, ordinary people, including many second and third generation migrants, are outraged at the lawlessness taking over their neighbourhoods, while the politicians, protected by their security, claim everything is perfect.

The police are in a strange situation. On the one hand they supply their political bosses with totally faked crime figures supposedly ‘proving’ that there has been no rise in crime just as the Rotherham police did for over fifteen years till they got found out. Though, of course, not a single corrupt copper in Rotherham was sacked or even reprimanded. But, on the the other hand, the police claim they don’t have the resources to deal with the criminalisation of the streets as ever more neighbourhoods become no-go areas.

At some point, ordinary citizens are going to take the law into their own hands and we will have the police killing ethnic white Europeans in order to protect criminal, drug-dealing, thieving, benefits-scrounging, parasitical, murderous rapist migrants.

Interesting times ahead.

We should be learning from what is happening in Germany. Instead we stupidly think ‘it can’t happen here’. We are going to be proved wrong.

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  • NoMore

    At least there are fewer of the real dregs from North Africa here – I think a lot of these countries have simply opened the prisons and told them to clear off to Europe and not come back. The main reason for the scoff-law attitude is as usual the dripping wet lefty-liberal judiciary. These enemies of their own people need to be replaced as more sensible politicians are elected in.

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