December 2023
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WTF are our laughably useless, lying police doing about Roma gypsy beggars and criminals? Absolutely nothing!

You’ve probably seen stories about the Roma gypsies living on Park Lane in London. A few months ago, we stupid British taxpayers paid for their plane fares so they could go home with all the money they’d begged and stolen over the summer. Now apparently they’re back in time to benefit from the Christmas shopping and post-Christmas sale crowds.

There are two possibly interesting issues with this story:

1. Police pretending to be doing something – apparently a couple of times a week, the local politically-correct police go along and ” move the gypsies”. This usually happens around 08.00 or 09.00 in the morning. So it’s very convenient for the gypsies – they don’t have to steal alarm clocks as they know the police will kindly wake them up. I wonder what the useless police say as they perform this invaluable public service? “Morning all. Time to get up. You’ve got a busy day of aggressive begging, pickpocketing, ATM robberies and burglaries ahead of you. So let’s be moving along. Take care and have a good day”.

It seems not to have occurred to the police that they should wake the gypsies up and move them along at 01.00 in the morning and then again at about 02.30 and then again at about 04.00 and so on. This might make the gypsies less inclined to make their homes in the centre of London.

2. The lying police claim the Roma gypsies are not committing any crime – A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘If they are legally here and are not actually doing something criminal, and they are on public land, it’s quite difficult. We are aware it must be frustrating for people and we are trying to address the issue.”

But hold on a minute. We have the Vagrancy Act 1824. It has been amended several times since then, but is still on the statute books. Until the 1990s it was believed that the Vagrancy Act 1824 had largely withered away in England through lack of use. However,  as the number of homeless people sleeping out rose in the 1990s, the use of the Act increased dramatically, especially in the Metropolitan Police district (most of Greater London).

In 1988, in England and Wales, some 573 people were prosecuted and convicted under the Act. In May 1990, the National Association of Probation Officers carried out a survey of the prosecutions under the Act. That survey revealed that 1,250 prosecutions had been dealt with in 14 central London magistrates courts in that year, which represented an enormous leap in the number of prosecutions under the Act, especially in London.

So we have a law which the Roma gypsies are breaking, that law can be used and has been used against some Brits sleeping rough in London. But for some more than mysterious reason our useless, lying, politically-correct PC Plods claim they cannot act against the gypsies.

Yet another story the Europhiliac BBC didn’t tell us. Apparently at a anti-EU protest in Italy a couple of days ago, the Italian riot police took off their helmets and joined the protesters. Here’s a 1.07 minute Youtube video I wonder why this important story didn’t appear on the Europhiliac BBC

7 comments to WTF are our laughably useless, lying police doing about Roma gypsy beggars and criminals? Absolutely nothing!

  • Mike

    Hard to say who are doing the most damage. Gypos or Coppers. Perhaps another opportunity for K Vaz to have another costly inquiry?

  • GypsyForever

    I see you British Krauts are at it again. You people leave and breathe racism. You lot disgust me! Taxpayers! my ass!

  • GypsyForever

    The racist hate and pogroms generated by the British public SHOULD be paid for by the British public. Do you think that we Gypsies are that dumb as to pay for the pogroms you Wafedi (Wafedi=British: meaning, corrupted, something not right, rotten) you instigate against us?
    I’d like to blow you all to smithereens with a bomb, would please pay for the materials? lol.
    Anyway, “taxes” is a GORJA INVENTION and has nothing to do with Roma Gypsies. Since we don’t benefit from such taxes, there is no reason to pay it. YOU PAY IT!

    You fly into a rage over poor homeless Gypsies, what about what you lot do? You rape and murder your children, dump you parents in old people’s homes and forget them. Binge drink and fight on the street, and on occasion try to wipe out entire races. YOU GORJAS ARE TRULY THE SCUM OF THE EARTH, AND GOD HAS A SPECIAL PLACE FOR YOU WHEN HE RETURNS!

    Lastly, if you lot are SO GOOD, then why do we have to have Romani Foundations TO TEACH YOU HOW TO TREAT HUMAN BEINGS WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT?
    Can’t answer that can you? No, I thought not.

    Respect is a two-way street, maybe if you showed some respect toward Roma they’d repay in kind. But of course a selfish nation as Britain and other E.U members only think of themselves, have no morals, understanding, decency or compassion.

    I now know who the goats are that stand on the left of Christ on the Great Judgement Day.

    I pity you all more than anything. However, Christ WILL return, whether you believe or not, and when He does He will place the Roma above every nation on earth, and rule them with an iron rod. He will say to the Gypsy people “Now give them double portion of what they gave to you”.

    “O Del is the one true God and the Roma are His ONLY chosen people”
    Roma Shema

    God will punish you gorjas most severely, it’ll be a punishment you won’t be able to bear. God will do this for all the evil over the centuries you worthless gorjas have done to us.

    There are two kinds of people in this world
    (1) – The Children of God (Roma Gypsies)
    (2) – The Children of the Devil (gorjas)

    What side are you?

    Before you decide, remember that paying council tax does NOT qualify you as a moral, upright, good law-abiding citizen in the eyes of God, that’s man’s law.

    And also bear in mind that why Gypsies thieve is because YOU refused them education and bullied them in school, YOU refuse them work, YOU refuse them entry into shops, and its YOU that WILL be ALL the sins the Gypsies commit, since they were yours from the very beginning.

    Give up your filthy gorja ways and repent before its too late.

  • Robert lavent

    I think this is disgraceful to the tax payers in Britain how the gypos are using and abusing the system the government should get off there assess and stop messing around. We the British people r tired of this crap and it is disgraceful how they use there children to get money when they should be children going to school and having fun being a child.

  • Lou

    If this gyppo scum bag would pay taxes as we all do he wouldn’t write an apology about his useless race. If you think you have the holy right not to pay taxes as every other respectable British person here, well you should move back to Romania or whether you come from. In more than 2000 years of human history there is plenty of evidence that gyppos behaved like parasites in every country/society. They have been robbing, assaulting, abusing and perpetrating all sorts of crimes. They are not human beings, they are like rats! No need for them…was Hitler perhaps right about eliminating them?
    A part from that, my family originally came from the south of Italy, where a huge community of gyppos grew bigger and bigger, along with crimes and violence. Now they get free modern accommodation, all bills paid for and a conspicuous salary for doing what? They are still breaking in houses, dealing with drugs, pickpocketting, stealing cars, etc. Whereas the honest people had to move away for a decent living. I am proud to be British and I really hope our politically correct politicians may finally move to Romania together with their gyppos’ friends.

  • Gypsy Lad

    Gorja scum, every last one of ’em!

  • Boggle

    Dirty thieving scumbags should be deported back to the shit holes that they crawled out from, by force if necessary. They are parasites and the only contribution that this vermin make towards society are soaring crime rates. Utter scum

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