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The crowded hell that awaits our children in Britain if we do nothing

Anyone who claims that Britain can cope with the current rate of immigration of almost 400,000 people a year is either a liar, a fool or both. Britain’s population is growing too fast (click to see more clearly)

But a key indicator of our quality of life is not just the population density of the country, but what happens in our major cities. A typical Asian mega-city has around 40,000 to 60,000 people per km2. And this is what daily life looks like:

Yes, it looks like Hell!

A typical British city has “only” around 4,000 to 6,000 people per km2. Though I suspect there are areas of London and Birmingham that are fast approaching Asian mega-city population densities:

Britain is already full and our cities are full.

Being in Asia for a couple of months makes you realise the hell that awaits our children – noise 24 hours a day (screaming, shouting, car alarms, car horns, lorries, constant loud music), streets where swarms of people and cars can hardly move, pollution, rubbish that piles up, homeless people sleeping rough, beggars on every corner, people urinating and defecating and utter filth everywhere. We’ve already got a small foretaste of this from the Roma gypsies sleeping rough in London.

This is going to get worse, not better.

The EU wants to flood Britain with Europe’s unemployed and unemployable and get us to pay for the EU’s widespread corruption and economic collapse. We can’t afford to take in millions of the EU’s  unemployed – whether decent people or (more likely) benefits-scrounging and criminal trash – and we’ve no room for them.

And Human Rights laws mean that anyone from any Third World hell-hole can stay here and bring their extended families who can then bring their extended families who can then bring their extended families and so on whether they work and obey our laws or whether they are criminal scumbags who are a threat to our society.

Is this really the kind of teeming, overcrowded, fetid, foul-smelling Dystopia we want for our children and their children? We need to save Britain! We need to reclaim control of our borders! We need to vote UKIP!

7 comments to The crowded hell that awaits our children in Britain if we do nothing

  • Peter

    Better get building another couple of million free houses on the golf courses around britain to house them and dont retire till your 90 to keep them in benefits what fools you all are with your heads in the sand, all 3 partys are to blame but you keep voting for them you reap what you sow..

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  • shortchanged

    I read, I watched, I agree, now! where’s the nearest UKIP branch.

  • Peter

    Clegg has his own agenda, and it is not for the benefit of Britain. He is a dangerous little man.. Cant wait for the general election. Limp dims obliterated. Clegg sent packing..

  • shortchanged

    Clegg has his own agenda, pity its not ours, still, he will job hunting soon. For a man whose never had a proper job; good luck.

  • ObviouslyForTheCaliphate

    Overcrowding itself is not the issue- Singapore has 5.5m people for under 700 sq km and is one of the safest cities in the world. I hate to spout populist c**p, but its a cultural problem, not a population problem. Mind you, these tw*ts are the most impolite people around. 300,000 Somalis (who, if a survey is to be believed, have a majority supporting maritime piracy) have come to this land which once ruled 1/4 of the world. I sense it will again, but only because it has 1/4 of the population.

  • Gypsy Lad

    This is just racism, pure and simple.
    If there truly was concern of Britain becoming over-crowded, then why has the millions of Pakistani immigrants also faced a back-lash? There are 10,000,000 that’s ten million Pakistanis, and thousands of Arabs are entering Britain every week, and there isn’t a peep from the gorjas

    20 or 30 Roma Gypsies enter Britain and all of sudden there’s a threat of over-crowding. This is just pure racial hatred, it has nothing to do with benefits, or immigration, but everything to do with race.

    The British have a deep seated Nazi-based hatred of Roma Gypsies, all of which is based on ethnicity, if this were not so, then why hasn’t the Muslims, Africans, Chinese or Jews received the same treatment? and don’t make “they pay taxes as an excuse” we All pay taxes.

    The more Roma to enter the Britain, the better. It’s high to the stiff-upper lip, stuck-up, self-serving pompous brits were bought down a peg or three.

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