February 2024
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Arrogant, incompetent Osborne and ‘lying’ buffoon Balls are both so wrong

On the one side, our ‘work experience’ Chancellor, the incompetent Osborne, is right – with national debt heading towards £1.3trn we can’t afford to borrow any more to boost economic growth. On the other side, the worthless Ed Balls, who helped Liar Brown bankrupt Britain, is right, we can’t go on with an economic strategy with no growth stimulus. But they are also both depressingly wrong.

What is needed is not the Tories’ more austerity or Labour’s more borrowing. What is needed is a transfer of taxpayers’ money from unproductive spending (public-sector bureaucracy) to productive spending (building housing and infrastructure). There is only one way to achieve this quickly.

Step 1. Put all public-sector bureaucrats on a 4-day week – so they work Monday to Thursday with all administrative government offices closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday. This includes central government departments, NHS hospital bosses and administators, local council bosses and administrators and all our 900 largely pointless quangos.

Step 2. Use the £200m a week – £800m a month – in real cash savings to invest in new house and road building with generous subsidies for companies taking on long-term unemployed (not new Polish and Spanish economic migrants just arrived in the UK)

Step 3. Watch with delight as benefits payments fall and as tax revenues rise. 

This is so simple. But the worthless, arrogant little turd Osborne and the spendthrift, economic incompetent Balls are so transfixed by their out-of-date economic theories that they can’t accept that they should change their minds. Keynes once said that when the facts change, he changed his opinions. But worthless Osborne and even more worthless Balls are men who stick to the same opinions even when the facts change. God help us all!

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