April 2024

‘Parasitical’, ‘hypocritical’, ‘expenses-grabbing’ MP preaches morality to the rest of us

Tory MP David Gauke has laughably claimed that it is wrong for ordinary people to pay tradesmen cash in hand. Let’s have a look at this great beacon of morality. David Gauke is one of our 646 MPs. In the US, for a population over five times ours, they have just 435 members of Congress. With the EU making most of our laws, we don’t need 646 MPs any more – 200 to 300 would be quite enough, so Mr Gauke may just be a parasite who has a job because the political elite protect their own.

Mr Gauke is  also some kind of government minister. We have 109 supposed government ministers in Britain – about twice as many as they have in France , Germany or Italy. Why so many? It’s just a way for lazy, useless, greedy MPs to earn £100,000+ a year because they’re not satisfied with their £65,000 salaries. Civil servants often complain we have so many minsisters that it’s difficult to find enough for them to do.

And what about Mr Gauke’s expenses? In the three years before Mr Gauke entered government, his expenses shot up by over 30% from £94,392 to £125,783. In the Telegraph expose of MPs’ expenses, Mr Gauke was found to have claimed £10,248 in moving expenses when he bought a flat in South London. This included £8,550 in stamp duty. Of course, I’m sure all Mr Gauke’s claims were ‘within the rules’. But his increasing pocketing of our money does suggest Mr Gauke is good at one thing – playing the MPs’ expenses game.

And finally, Mr ‘Treasury Minister’ Gauke, why is the cost of the UK Treasury going up from £182m to £197m while you’re a Treasury minister? I thought we were meant to be reducing spending, but you’re increasing it. So, even if we paid more tax, you’d just waste it on more pointless bureaucracy.

All this leads me to believe that Mr Gauke is a parasitical, hypocritical, expenses-grabbing little shit. Could I be right?

2 comments to ‘Parasitical’, ‘hypocritical’, ‘expenses-grabbing’ MP preaches morality to the rest of us

  • Nobody is asking about how morally correct the whole concept of money is. How is it that a handful of blue, brown and green notes can keep one class in clover and another in rags ?

  • John Fields

    How is so much crap selected to become M.P.s?

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