October 2023
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The only thing you need to “get” is that we despise you, Mr Cameron

After the flop of the Queen’s Speech yesterday, it has become more than clear that our lying PM David Liar Cameron doesn’t “get it” at all. He doesn’t “get” that most of  the country, especially Tory voters, despise him. We despise him because he has betrayed our trust. After the worst PM in British history, liar Gordon Liar Brown, Cameron had a unique chance to change Britain for the better. But all he did was put his cronies into the House of Lords, grovel to the bankers, make it easier for MPs and lords to carry on fiddling their expenses and protect overpaid underperforming civil service bosses. Meanwhile his government allowed the water, gas and electricity companies to plunder ordinary British people while overpaid useless regulators sit on their hands; allowed the banks to get away with selling £50bn a year of utter garbage (structured products) to us; allowed hundreds of British troops to be killed and maimed in a pointless unwinnable war to force a drug-dealing corrupt government onto Afghanistan; allowed uncontrolled immigration especially from our enemy Pakistan; allowed hugely wasteful Whitehall departments and worthless quangos (e.g. the £70m a year Equality and Human Rights Commission) to squander vast amounts of our money; allowed the EU bureaucrats to use every weasel-worded trick they can come up with to increase their power over us; thrown tens of billions of our money into the bottomless pit of the eurozone crisis; handed over billions in supposed foreign aid to Third World thieves and kleptocrats; been responsible for the aptly-named omnishambles; let his lying chancellor Osborne create havoc with his budget and so on and so forth.

Most people now see Cameron as a spineless, lying, incompetent, shallow, selfish, out-of-touch, PR spiv who should never have become PM. Cameron has become the Prince Charles of British politics – a complete and utter self-absorbed waste of skin. The sooner Cameron resigns and hands over power to someone with some principles, ideas and backbone, the better. Problem is – there probably isn’t anyone in the Tory party with sufficient talent, courage and intelligence to become PM. What a disaster for Britain.

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