July 2024

Leveson bites incompetent liar Cameron where it hurts

Can our incompetent lying PM David Liar Cameron do nothing right? Blunder after blunder after blunder. But perhaps his worst mistake was setting up the Leveson inquiry. I rather suspect Cameron sat down with his useless, highly-paid, sycophantic advisers and they all decided that setting up an inquiry into relations between the press and politicians would be a jolly good idea as it would put press attention on the love-in between the Murdochs and Blair/Brown’s New Labour. Like most of our PM’s idiotic ideas, this one backfired spectacularly. Rather than exposing the Murdoch-Blair/Brown subversion of democracy, the Leveson inquiry has turned Liar Cameron into a figure of ridicule (LOL). And, once a PM becomes a figure of ridicule and derision, he or she can’t win elections. It doesn’t matter what Cameron says and does over the next few years, most of us view him with contempt – that’s why Labour will win in 2015. The only way the Tories can change this inevitability is to have the courage to dump Cameron and Osborne ASAP and replace them by figures who can earn the public’s respect – but is there anyone in the Tory party capable of this? I doubt it.

By the way, on a totally different subject, the group of men responsible for the grooming and repeated rapes of young white girls in the Rochdale area were Muslims. The politically-correct BBC and most of the press refer to them as “Asian men”. But Chinese are Asian, Koreans are Asian, Thais are Asian, Malaysians are Asian, Indian Hindus are Asian, Sikhs are Asian and none of them go in for grooming and raping young white girls. Yet our cowardly press are terrified of telling us that all the men involved were Muslims, so they hide behind calling the men “Asian” – pathetic.

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