July 2021
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Our thieving, lazy, 90-days-holiday-a-year MPs tell us to work harder

I choked over my cornflakes the other day when I heard that several MPs had said we must all “work harder” to get Britain out of the economic mess caused by our MPs’ incompetence and profligacy with our money. Do any of our MPs actually know what it’s like to work? They get an incredible 90+ days a year holiday – rather more than you or I. Of course, our lazy thieving MPs claim they work hard representing their constitutents. But if they’re so busy, how come many of them have lucrative second and third jobs? David Miliband, for example, was reported as having earned about £450,000 above his MP’s salary last year. So he can’t have been too busy slaving away for those stupid enough to vote for him. Gordon Brown probably pocketed about £100,000 or more last year from his extra-curricular activities. And one of the MPs who told us to work harder was none other than ‘part-time’ foreign minister William Hague – a man so dedicated to working for his constituents that since becoming an MP he has had time to write a 688-page biography of William Pitt and a 480-page biography of William Wilberforce in addition to giving huge numbers of well-paid after-dinner speeches. And when they’re at Westminster, many MPs’ work consists of long leisurely lunches in the best restaurants (paid for by us), long leisurely dinners in the best restaurants (paid for by us) plus considerable time spent in the heavily subsidised Commons bars. Just look at the enormous bag of self-importance Eric Pickles to see where a lot of our money has gone.

With somewhere between 60% to 80% of our laws coming from Brussels, we don’t need 646 greedy, thieving, idle MPs any more. Just 200 or at most 300 would be quite enough. After all, anything to do with agriculture, fishing, trade, immigration and much more is now decided by unelected eurocrats. So perhaps our lazy, lying, hypocritical, incompetent, arrogant, thieving, useless MPs should refrain from telling the rest of us to “work harder”.


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