November 2018
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Is Alan Greenspan a fool, lunatic or liar?

I’m struggling through the turgid, self-justifying drivel that is Alan Greenspan’s book about his time as Chairman of the US Federal Reserve. Although I’m only at page 197, as far as I can see, Mr Greenspan feels he was an extremely brilliant economist working together with lots of other extremely brilliant people guiding the US to prosperity. But let’s test this claim. The role of the Fed is “putting in place the monetary conditions for maximum sustainable long-term growth and employment”. Yet buffoon Greenspan put in place the conditions for the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. Tens of millions lost their jobs and their homes -though not the highly-paid Mr Greedspan.

So given his failure, will Mr Greedspan give back the millions he took in pay and perks from US taxpayers? I doubt it. And will he give up the rights to his huge taxpayer-funded pension? Don’t hold your breath. The most telling part of buffoon Greedspan’s book is the inclusion of a photo of him and our own buffoon Gordon Liar Brown happily laughing together as they wrecked the eonomies they were meant to be growing. So is Greedspan a fool, lunatic or liar? I know what I think.

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