March 2023
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Are lazy Aussies destroying their children’s future?

One thing you notice on arriving at any major Australian city (Sydney,  Melbourne, Perth etc) is the extraordinary number of Chinese. The continuing flood of Chinese immigrants into Australia has brought huge economic benefits. The Chinese have set up new businesses, regenerated rundown areas of Australian cities and ensured their children have the best education. They have made a massive contribution to the Australian economy unlike the benefits-grabbing scum that the incompetent, politically-correct UK immigration service welcomes into Britain. So the beer-swilling, sports-loving, happy-go-lucky Aussies can congratulate themselves on a reasonably successful immigration policy. But what happens in 20 years time? By then the Chinese will control restaurants, estate agencies, accountancies, shipping companies, law firms, retail chains, hotels, a few banks, and much much more. Who will the Chinese owners give jobs to? Beer-swilling, sports-loving, happy-clappy Aussies or hard-working, highly-educated Chinese? Of course there will always be jobs for Aussies flipping burgers in Chinese-owned McDonalds franchises and filling sandwiches in Chinese-owned Subway franchises. But the real jobs – they’ll mostly go to young Chinese and not Aussies.

Then a lot of Aussies will be sitting around with a beer in one hand and a barbie in the other wondering why, when the economy is still growing, their children can’t get jobs. Be careful Australia, you are playing with fire and you might get very burnt.

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