July 2021
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You think BA are awful? You should try AA or Quantas

Anyone who has regularly trevelled with BA will probably be tired of the endless waits to book a flight, the pompous and incompetent check-in staff and the overpaid, arrogant and rude cabin staff. But BA is a flying paradise compared to its partners AA (American Airlines) and Quantas. AA recently deservedly went bust, but they sought Chapter 11 protection and are still inflicting their appalling lack of service on their long-suffering passengers. I spoke to three AA staff and all said they were ashamed of how poorly their incompetent management forced them to treat their passengers.

As for Quantas, they had so many strikes as their overpaid staff demanded more and more money, that management shut the airline down stranding thousands of passengers and only started flying again when ordered to by the Australian courts. With Quantas you wait about 30 minutes for them to answer the phone, then they cock up your booking and cut you off repeatedly so a single booking can take 1 to 2 hours. For that you have to pay a $80 per person service charge. Their overpaid check-in staff try to rip you off by making you pay fictitious charges for your luggage and their overpaid cabin staff complain continuously about how old and crap their planes are due to years of delays in them getting new planes.

Having experienced the awful AA and the worthless Quanta, how I look forward to BA’s arrogant unhelpful staff – they’ll be a pleasure compared to the even worse AA and Quantas.

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