August 2010
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Has the fat, hypocritical Fox no shame?

Chubby, jolly Defence Secretary Liam Fox has declared his outrage at a computer game where players take the role of Taliban killing British soldiers. This is just a game, Mr. Fox. Perhaps it is more outrageous that we have a bunch of lying, self-serving MPs who spend more time cheating on their expenses than they […]

Taliban defeated! Great victory for us!

Some dopey US general is claiming on the BBC that after 10 years fighting, the Taliban are being defeated. This is rubbish. The obsequious BBC are probably the only people who believe this. In fact, the Taliban and Afghan freedom fighters are winning the battle against the invading US and British armies. And everyone in […]

“One million percent yes!”

You guessed it – the X-Factor is back with it’s usual collection of the talentless, the shallow and the inane. And some people might say that’s just the judges. As for the contestants – an endless stream of blubbing and squealing nonentities supported by their obese, ugly families. Most seem to be ‘single mums’ (benefit […]

A new, competitive Britain? Look at Asda’s customers

The only thing that can save Britain from avoiding bankruptcy following Bottler Brown’s public spending bonanza is for our industry to win larger shares of international markets. But can Britain ever compete? Try visiting your local Asda or Primark and look at the stupid, obese, burger-guzzling, pig-ignorant, tracksuit wearing, X-Factor-obsessed, snarling slobs with their hordes […]

Dave, give us money to leave

Cameron wants Turkey to join the EU. But the week after they join there will be five to ten million Turks queuing up at Dover demanding their human rights – benefits for life, housing, schooling for their children and NHS healthcare for their families.

If Dave wants all his Turkish friends to invade Britain in […]

Well done the bull

In Spain a bull has just leapt out of a bullfighting ring into the crowd and injured 30 people. Seems like the cowardly, bloodthirsty Spaniards love to see helpless bulls tortured and murdered, but are not so happy when the occasional bull fights back and they get a few cuts and bruises.

Well done, the […]

Is liar Blair lying about his book of lies?

Blair now claims that ever since he left Downing Street, he had intended to give the proceeds from his book to the British Legion. But the slippery creature probably received over £1m when he signed his contract with his publisher and another £1m+ when he delivered his typescript. Yet all of this seems to be […]

Imran Khan wants our money too

Having seen how much Pakistan’s President Mr. Ten Percent has stolen from money donated to help Pakistan’s flood victims, cricketer turned politician Imran Khan has launched his own appeal. Hasn’t he and his multi-millionaire wife got enough money already without stealing from those affected by the floods.

A good disaster always means snouts in the […]

Send Blair to Iraq

Lots more people dead in Iraq. Lord Anthony Blair is meant to be our Middle East peace envoy. Couldn’t we send him to Iraq and keep him there till the country is at peace?

After all, he knows a bit about the country and is convinced that he is its saviour. And maybe they’ll want […]

‘Liar’ Blair’s brilliant PR coup

The master of spin has done it again. He’s pulled off a brilliant PR coup by claiming he’ll give some money from his book of lies to the British Legion. If Blair really gave a toss about the soldiers whose lives were ruined in his illegal Iraq war, he could have given the money quietly […]