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“Inflation is falling” and many other lies

Since returning to the UK in 2005, after 20+ years abroad, I have constantly been amazed at the complete inadequacy of our leaders and their mendacity as they try to cover up their many failures. Moreover, I have been repeatedly shocked at the torrent of lies spewed out by the mainstream media. That’s why I started writing books – to expose our incompetent, undeserving masters and the gutless, shallow journalistic sycophants who serve them. If we could get anything like the truth from our leaders and the media, then blogs like this would have no reason to exist.

The elites lied to us about immigration, the Brown Boom, the reasons for the financial crash, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the real level in support for UKIP, the levels of corruption in politics and finance, the powerlessness of Westminster because of EU control, the reasons why bankers have been protected not prosecuted, what’s happening in the Ukraine, supposed Global Warming, their failure to regulate the energy market, the greed and arrogance of the elites…..the list goes on and on.

Today’s lie – inflation is falling, wages are rising and we’re all going to be better off. Amazingly, just before the EU elections and a year before the next general election, the Government and the usual journalists tell us that things are getting better and we can trust them to manage the economy.

Yes it’s true that CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation may have dropped very slightly from 1.7% to 1.6%. But our masters seem to have totally and conveniently forgotten RPI (Retail Price Index) inflation. The main difference between CPI and RPI is that RPI includes housing costs.

Of course, our rulers don’t have to worry about housing costs as we pay for their housing. Moreover the more house prices rise, the more profit they make from selling the homes we bought for them or from the buy-to-let property portfolios they’ve built up using our money.

So, what matters for the rest of us should be RPI. And thanks to Osborne’s handy pre-election house-price boom, RPI is going up and is predicted to carry on going up (click to see clearly)

OBR inflation

Perhaps one day, our leaders and our press will stop lying to us? Then bloggers like me can lay down our computers and use our time for something else? Or perhaps not?

[Oh and by the way, there are still plenty (in fact far too many) paperback and ebook copies of my recent books GREED UNLIMITED and DON’T BUY IT! available for anyone wishing to show support for this website]

I quite liked this comment left on yesterday’s blog about the ghastly Baroness Ashton “This stupid mare retires from her post as EU foreign minister (pause for titter) in October of this year. Will we all still be around to celebrate that? I don’t know if she pisses Putin off, but she certainly pisses me off. Perhaps we should all write to Putin and tell him that we do not endorse her stupidity?”

1 comment to “Inflation is falling” and many other lies

  • bob

    what a shame so many people read the daily mail and have the mental power of a child, (they believe the crap).
    the best thing about it is its soft on your arse when you have had a shit and thats all its good for

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