May 2024

Useless Ashton’s empire-building is going to turn nasty

Here we go again. Our wonderful politicians and ever-obedient media are desperately demonising Putin and beating the war drums over the situation in the Ukraine. But let’s stand back for a moment and remember how the whole mess started.

Putin is being accused of meddling in the Ukraine’s internal affairs. But who is this? Oh look, it’s our very own Baroness Ashton in the Ukraine meeting the new government and preening herself in front of the cameras as she shows support for the people who overthrew the ghastly, kleptocratic but elected and Russia-backed government (click to see more clearly)

ashton and Ukraine

So who has actually been meddling in the Ukraine’s internal affairs? Putin? Or the empire-building EU?

If readers have the patience to wade through EU bureaucratese, here’s what has probably really got Russia riled up. These are just two of the clauses in the new security agreement that Ashton signed on our behalf with the Ukraine’s new leaders:

“ARTICLE 4 Aims of political dialogue 1. Political dialogue in all areas of mutual interest shall be further developed and strengthened between the Parties. This will promote gradual convergence on foreign and security matters with the aim of Ukraine’s ever-deeper involvement in the European security area.

ARTICLE 7 Foreign and security policy 1. The Parties shall intensify their dialogue and cooperation and promote gradual convergence in the area of foreign and security policy, including the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), and shall address in particular issues of conflict prevention and crisis management, regional stability, disarmament, non-proliferation, arms control and arms export control as well as enhanced mutually-beneficial dialogue in the field of space. Cooperation will be based on common values and mutual interests, and shall aim at increasing policy convergence and effectiveness, and promoting joint policy planning.

Ashton has offered EU military protection to the Ukraine’s new government against possible Russian action. That was dumb. Really really dumb. This would be like Russia signing a military pact with Spain, Greece or Scotland against the EU.

As she basked in the glory of the Ukrainian revolution, ignorant fool Ashton clearly had not thought through the likely consequences of upsetting Russia. Moreover, had she learnt nothing from all the problems in the former Yugoslavia or Iraq or Syria?  When you overthrow strong government in countries with ethnically divided populations, you tend to get a civil war based on grievances that go back decades and even centuries. And Russia is not going to stand idly by if Ukrainian Russians start to get killed.

Now we’re all going to pay the price for arrogant Ashton’s stupidity.

It’s a pity our warmongering politicians and journalists seem to have ‘forgotten’ the EU’s role in starting the current problems over the Ukraine.

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3 comments to Useless Ashton’s empire-building is going to turn nasty

  • Paris Claims

    She is as stupid as she is ugly.

  • John Fields

    Now is the time for world leaders to be cool, calm and collected. Otherwise, we
    could end up with a dead planet!

  • jblount

    Great blog – try selling that to the BBC!

    This stupid mare retires from her post as EU foreign minister (pause for titter) in October of this year. Will we all still be around to celebrate that? I don’t know if she pisses Putin off but she certainly pisses me off. Perhaps we should all write to Putin and tell him that we do not endorse her stupidity?

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