June 2021
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What is really the most important news story this week?

Is it the situation in the Ukraine? The supposed fall in inflation (which is actually a rise as I explained yesterday)? Or Kim Kardashian’s posterior?

As they try to restart the Cold War, our leaders would like us to believe that Russian activities in the Ukraine are the greatest threat to our way of life and the most important event this week. This may come as a surprise to Daily Mail readers, who probably thought that the dimensions of Ms Kardashian’s behind were the week’s most significant story.

But there may be a story that is even more important than the Ukraine ……….

Sorry, but I wanted to do a piece about the real threat to our way of life………. but I’m genuinely afraid to. I suspect I’m not only person who doesn’t dare speak out about this ………. and here are some pictures that I have self-censored as I’m afraid to show them (click to see more clearly)


And here are some more (click to see more clearly)


How have we allowed this to happen to our country?

2 comments to What is really the most important news story this week?

  • The threat to our way of life is not in Russia or China or any other place in the world. Nor is it from an Islamic state with an atomic bomb. Terhen is not going to Fedex one to Docklands.
    Excluding African and Polish Christians,Indian Hindus and so on off the migrants among us the Muslims have a demographic bomb. In England now under the age of twenty one person in ten is Muslim. That percentage is increasing. How long before the Muslim vote is crucial it deciding the outcome of Elections.

  • shortchanged

    david brown is right. Whom is Kim Kardashian ?

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