April 2024

Mo Farah wins London Marathon!!

You might have thought that Mo Farah only came in at an impressive eight in the London Marathon. But, in the money stakes, it looks to me like he won (click to see clearly)


Actually, this might be a little unfair to Mo Farah OBE as the organisers don’t reveal how much they pay in appearance fees for the elite athletes and the figure for Mo Farah is an estimate by the main sports journalists. So, for the other runners, I’ve just put the prize money and for Mo Farah both the prize money and the estimated appearance fee. But I suspect that, even if we did have the appearance fees for the other runners, Farah would still be the clear winner in terms of how much money was won – one newspaper claimed that with appearance fees and sponsorships, Farah would be getting as much as £750,000 from the 2013 half-marathon and 2014 marathon.

I guess Mo will be heading off to the airport with his cash soon as, if newspaper reports are correct and he’s a tax exile, he can’t spend more than 90 days in the UK in any tax year. And perhaps we shouldn’t criticise him for being (what could look to a cynic) a tax dodger? After all, we’d probably do the same if we got handed a big dollop of money and we only had a few years to earn enough for the rest of our lives.

But to my mind, there’s still something slightly unpleasant about seeing all the advantages Mo Farah OBE has gained from the generosity of British taxpayers throughout the two decades years he spent in Britain. Yet as soon as he starts to see the big money, he appears to do a runner – from the British taxman.

mo running

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