October 2023
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Hitler would have been proud as Frau Merkel lays down the law to British politicians in German

Surely, what happened two days ago tells us all we need to know about our abject surrender of our sovereignty to the EU, which of course is run by mighty Germany.

A German leader marches into our so-called “Parliament” and tells our elected leaders, in German, that she will not tolerate Britain making any significant changes in the way the EU is run and in the way the EU runs Britain and in the way Germany runs the EU. And what can our leaders do about this? Nothing. (click on picture to see more clearly)


I’m not accusing Merkel of being like Hitler as the Greeks have done. That would be childish. Anyway, she hasn’t tried to seize our country. Our leaders have given it away. So I am accusing our leaders of being arrogant, greedy, self-serving, thieving, cowardly, lying quislings who have sold our country down the river.

We may have won the Battle of Britain, but we’ve definitely lost the Battle for Britain.

Vote UKIP at every opportunity.

Democracy for the Ukraine! But not for Britain

It’s interesting to note that, at the same time as the EU is trying to start a massive international crisis by demanding democracy and freedom for the Ukraine, the EU is also taking away our freedom and democracy and handing ever more power to a group of unelected, utterly corrupt, kelptocratic komissars. Odd that.

(I need to sell some more copies of GREED UNLIMITED – I’ve only sold a couple of hundred, which is pathetic. Why not buy a copy and send it to your greedy, lying, thieving, treacherous MP with a letter demanding they represent British interests instead of selling out to bankers and to our corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU masters?)

2 comments to Hitler would have been proud as Frau Merkel lays down the law to British politicians in German

  • shortchanged

    Democracy: ah yes, what does it mean. To most emerging/ third world countries it means my side wins, because i’m stronger more powerful than you, whatever religious or political side you belong to. The American dictat of democracy is whatever is best for the US. To the UK it means whatever the US says it means, as we have completely prostituted ourselves to that bastion of ‘democracy’. To me it means, The greatest good for the greatest number. Maybe i’m naive, not modern, not with the mainstream, a fuddy duddy. Whatever; I want my country back,and those who dont like it here can go someplace else, where they will be happier.

    Vote UKIP and take back our country.

  • does it really matter if Germany by the fact of its Economic strength,it exports more than the US is the main player in the the USE.The real change to our England is not that it is just one state in a federal Europe. The real change which will impact on peoples lives as with that of France is its demographic destruction. Not by actual invasion but allowing so many alien migrants that they England /France will ceased to have governments voted for by English or French people.

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