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The crowded, multicultural hell-hole we are creating for our children

Yesterday, I revealed how ethnic British would be a minority in our country by 2067, if not earlier. Today, I’ll try to show what this means in terms of numbers of people and overcrowding.

Here’s how the UK’s population is likely to develop by 2081 – from 63 million today to 95 million in 67 years. I show both the total number of people and the split between ethnic British and immigrants (click on pictures to see more clearly)

UK population and ethnic make up

This enormous, uncontrolled population growth is horrific enough. But there’s an even worse outcome – the massive overcrowding of England. The majority of population growth is going to be mostly in England, with quite small numbers of immigrants heading to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Currently there are about 406 people per sq km in England. This makes England as crowded as Holland. By the time the UK population reaches 95 million in 2081, there will be an appalling 652 people per sq km – higher than India, Japan and Taiwan are today – and they’re pretty ghastly places if you don’t like tens of millions of people living on top of each other.

crowded england

How and why are we allowing this horror to develop?

Vote UKIP at every opportunity.



2 comments to The crowded, multicultural hell-hole we are creating for our children

  • shortchanged

    David, did you see the BBC programme on immigation, where it was said inter alia that the numbers had doubled and the extra had come from Bulgaria/Rumania. Surprise surprise, Nigel said that it would.

    Mind you its great for Cameron et al, all his mates in the buy to let industry, can now hike the rent prices as demand is now greater. And Boris is rubbing his hands with glee, at all that extra poll tax.

    Vote UKIP

  • didnt anyone see it coming ?
    or were the brits to busy
    thinking about how much mate ?
    ex royal navy 1982.

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