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How our masters misuse words to deceive us. The EU is NOT a “club”.

When I worked selling management consultancy projects, we were very careful about the words we used with our clients. We would class key words into three main groups – power-selling words, neutral words and sales suffocators. For example, when flogging a million-pound project, we tended to avoid the neutral word “project” and would instead call what we were selling an “improvement plan” or even better a “transformation programme”.

Or, another example, when writing the blurb for one of my books, a publisher wrote that the book “examines” how the Government wasted trillions. But “examines” is a dead word. It’s lifeless. It makes the book sound like an academic study. It’s a sales suffocator. Much better to use something like “reveals” or “exposes” or even “lays bare” – those are power-selling words.

Similarly, our masters (politicians and journalists) abuse language to subtly (and often unsubtly) manipulate our opinions. A prime example is when they refer to the EU as a “club”. The word “club” is a bit like a power-selling word. It suggests warmth, belonging, meeting people with similar interests, friendship and equality.

Moreover, by referring to the EU as a “club”, our masters can make statements like “all members of a club should follow the same rules” and “you can’t have separate rules for one member“. These statements sound eminently reasonable – or would do if the EU was really a “club”. But the EU is most definitely NOT a “club” for several reasons:

1. It’s an attempt to build a socialist superstate – a club (usually) doesn’t increasingly encroach upon our freedoms, continually imposing new rules and grabbing ever more power for itself.

2. It doesn’t act in members’ interests – a club usually benefits all its members. The EU isn’t about what’s good for the UK taxpayer or what benefits Britain, it’s about the professional civil servants and politicians as it gives them the chance of perpetual gravy, of a life of luxury and power without the need to pander to local voters – it is nirvana for the governing classes and their public servant colleagues and they will all fight tooth and nail to grow it and protect it through any means they can

3. The parasites outnumber those who pay – in a club, most members pay the same for membership. In the EU, there are about 10 countries who pay in more than they take out and around 18 countries who take out much more than they put in. So, as every country has equal voting status, the majority – the parasites, freeloaders, passengers – will always vote for more taxes and more spending as that means more money for them

4. It’s undemocratic – in a club, you can usually elect the governing committee each year. But not in the EU. The people who rule the EU are the unelected commissioners (komissars?) who are appointed and then seem to cling onto their jobs for many years massively enriching themselves and accumulating ever more power for themselves and their cronies.

5. You can decide to leave a club – would the EU ever let Britain leave? It’s certain that if there were a referendum in the UK, the EU would pour many millions into a propaganda campaign to help the Europhiliacs. Moreover, the EU will make a series of threats like cutting off trade to Britain, refusing to cooperate with Britain on things like crime and defence and causing massive job losses in Britain. When you try to leave a club, the board or committee don’t usually spend members’ money attacking you and begin threatening you and trying to destroy your friendships and your life.

The EU is NOT a “club”. Please don’t get taken in by our weasel-worded, deceitful, lying, self-serving masters such as the (IMHO) utterly loathsome, recidivist, europhiliac liars like Peter Mandelson, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Kenneth Clark, Neil Kinnock and those of their ilk.

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5 comments to How our masters misuse words to deceive us. The EU is NOT a “club”.

  • Peter

    The only freedom we need and want is freedom from the chains and shackles of the EU unelected dictatorship. The ConLabLibdem consortium of liars, traitors, conspirators, closet lefties, are collectively determined that the UK will remain part of the EU Marxist monster, no matter what, even when it becomes the “United States of Europe.” By then, our freedom, our democracy, and our sovereignty will have been destroyed for ever. We must fight tooth and nail to stop this happening, we must VOTE UKIP at each and every opportunity. Nigel Farage is the only party leader that has the best interests of the British people at the top of his agenda. All the rest will seek to throw us to the lions in Brussels, make no mistake. VOTE UKIP, or suffer the consequences for ever and again.

  • Paris Claims

    Whilst you’re on the subject of clubs,I have thought for some time now the UK should run its immigration policy along the lines of a popular, over subscribed golf club. New members should be admitted after being proposed and seconded by an existing member. They should pay a joining fee and annual membership fees, be able to play to a reasonable standard, and know the etiquette of the game. They should have similar aims and objectives of the existing membership. They should be allowed membership only when a vacancy arises and the committee should be able to black ball any potential member. The committee should have the authority to cancel membership for breaching the rules.

  • right_writes

    Yes, I bet they think they are being clever too…

    My “bogeyword” is…


    If you disagree with the “settled science” on AGW/CC you are a filthy denier.

    I saw a new play on this one yesterday…

    An Italian professor has had some success with a formulation of colostrum, which boosts some cancer sufferers immune system…

    He has also had some success with other immunodeficient symptoms e.g. aids… In a scenario a bit like the Sherlock Holmes idea, that once you rule out all the possibilities, any remaining concept, however preposterous must be the answer… He suggests that since HIV has never been identified, it is only thought to be the pre-condition.

    He is keen on the idea that, we are born with an immune system which is then boosted for life with colostrum, but that is compromised over the ensuing years by constant viral attacks, use/overuse of anti-biotics etc..

    Because he doesn’t accept the validity of the claims about HIV, he is a…


    Or as Python would put it…

    A WITCH…!

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  • shortchanged

    David, please stop calling these ‘space wasters’ our masters, they are in fact our servants, we pay their wages and perks and keep them fed on caviar and champagne. Aren’t we generous though)?

    You have my vote Paris, are you running for office, UKIP of course. Don’t forget to vote the Irish way, Vote early, vote often. (heard it in a movie)

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