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Cameron’s crony capitalist kleptocracy will lose him the 2015 election

Ed Miliband’s promise to freeze energy costs may have been economically illiterate, but it left the smug Tories reeling. Why? Because it tapped into a feeling amongst the public that however hard they work, ordinary people are no longer getting a fair deal.

PM David Cameron made his big conference speech rightly claiming there was a clear difference between Ed Miliband’s ‘back to the future’ reversion to 1960s socialism and the supposedly free market capitalism being offered by the Tories. The only problem is that the version of capitalism being offered by the Tories is a corrupted version of the kind of capitalism which has given so many countries economic growth.

I’m not sure what we should call Cameron’s capitalism. Perhaps it’s “crony capitalism” or “capitalist kleptocracy” or “corporatism”. In Cameron’s capitalist kleptocracy we see:

1. Huge companies exploit their power over us to enrich their bosses. The energy companies, the water companies, the banks, pension fund managers, railways all rig markets, assisted by a venal political class, to crush competition and protect their rent-seeking

2. In the public sector, the NHS, the BBC, the Border Agency, HMRC, social workers and even the National Audit Office – none of these serve us. They all shamelessly exploit us to grab power, wealth and privilege for their bosses

3. Our politicians no longer represent our interests. Instead they grovel to the vested interests and lobbying of major companies and large public-sector organisations

4. The rule of law no longer applies to these powerful organisations. Large companies decide whether they feel like paying tax and how much they want to pay. Bankers committing fraud are never investigated or punished. Tax-avoiding companies are never pursued by the authorities and are offered sweetheart deals by civil servants who then move on to work for the accountancies assisting tax avoidance.

5. Similarly, corrupt, incompetent, self-serving public-sector bosses (like Sir David Nicholson?) seem to be above the law and are never sanctioned, however appalling their actions

6. Our politicians mostly seem to come from an elite political class, few have ever had a proper job, most seem to be thoroughly incompetent and, instead of representing the interests of voters, they lie and steal and prostitute themselves to the powerful and the wealthy in order to enrich themselves

7. While the rich get richer and the powerful get more powerful, ordinary people are crushed by stagnant or falling wages, rising prices and ever-increasing taxes.

Cameron has made the disastrous mistake of being seen as a protector of this crony capitalist kleptocracy, while Miliband has started to position himself as opposing the vested interests of the rich and powerful. That’s why Miliband will win the 2015 General Election.

I understand that this crony capitalist kleptocracy actually flourished under Blair and Brown. But Cameron’s problem is that as a multimillionaire toff, most voters will associate him with protecting the interests of the kleptocrats and will see Miliband (quite wrongly) as being against the ruling elites.

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3 comments to Cameron’s crony capitalist kleptocracy will lose him the 2015 election

  • frank salmon

    But crony capitalism was brought to us by Blair and Brown. It was they who began the farce of sucking up to big companies and media tycoons and the bankers. It was they who ran out of socialist ideas and gave us corporatism – or rather fascism. Hitler would have approved heartily of Blair’s ‘achievements’.

    Cameron pays lip service to free markets and democracy and it is worrying that he has continued with much of Labour’s crony capitalist legacy. But Milliband’s version of socialism is even more fascist than Blair’s.

    Controlling markets from the top is not socialist, it is fascist. For example, nationalisation of the energy market would be a socialist action, control of the energy market by government a fascist action, and allowing competitive markets to operate with strict control of monopoly influence is a libertarian action.
    UKIP = Libertarianism
    LABOUR = Fascism
    CONSERVATIVE = Who knows anymore?

  • right_writes

    Excellent piece David…

    “I’m not sure what we should call Cameron’s capitalism. Perhaps it’s “crony capitalism” or “capitalist kleptocracy” or “corporatism”. “

    I call it fascism, Mussolini wanted to call fascism, corporatism… The two are interchangeable really. As your chart shows… the unholy alliance between corporate business, the political elite and its bureaucracy at the expense of small business and the individual.

    BTW: UKIP does not steal any party candidate’s vote, in the current state of affairs UKIP is a breath of fresh air and those that vote for the party are making a statement about the other party, the LibLabCON… As you say David, these people are not OUR representatives, they are closer to Icke’s lizards than anything else… Those that vote UKIP are a representation of those, like you, that have noticed the difference, and there are more of us every day.

    Whether the next five year dictatorship is led by Miliband, Cameron or a blend is nether here nor there, there will be no difference in how we are ground ever further into the ordure.

    NB: According to that slimy toe-rag Heseltine, anyone that votes UKIP is a racist voting for a racist party, it is quite clear to anyone that has looked at UKIP and like what they see, that it is really a bunch of decent fairmind people that want to see an end to fascist rule, and I think we might have buggers running scared.

  • right_writes

    Please forgive the many typo’s, I was getting a bit wound up…

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