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Why the euro will NOT collapse. But we will be swamped by the EU’s unemployed (and unemployable)

Since the 2008 crash, supposed experts have been predicting anything from a few countries being forced out of the euro to the complete collapse of the single currency. They are all wrong because with European, including British, banks all exposed to massive, almost incomprehensible amounts of other European countries’ debt, just one country leaving the Eurozone would cause a massive banking collapse across the whole of Europe (click on chart to see clearly)

Of course, the experts claim that a small country like Cyprus or Greece leaving the Eurozone would be manageable. But our leaders can’t afford to let that happen. For a start, it would imply that their great European superstate project was flawed. And secondly, if even a small country left and its economy started to revive, then others would want to leave.

I’ve now found some new figures of the exposure of Eurozone taxpayers just to the debts of the Club Med countries – Germany €644bn, France €485bn, Netherlands €139bn, even little Finland €43bn. Again, our leaders can’t afford any country going because of the enormous losses this would impose on other Eurozone taxpayers.

But while we see the euro as a disaster, in a lot of countries the EU and the euro are not seen as the problem. They are seen as being better than their own incompetent, corrupt, worthless national politicians.

Actually,what the EU has done, among other things, is give useless, incompetent, corrupt national politicians easy access to other countries’ taxpayers’ money. Taken away the need for them to make decisions that are best for their own country. Allowed access to a exclusive club where rewards for incompetence are massive and guaranteed. Where the only requirement is unquestioning devotion to the EU itself.

Some readers may be old enough to remember Norman Tebbitt’s infamous exhortation to the unemployed in, I think, the 1970s to “get on your bike” and move to areas of Britain where there were jobs. Now the EU is doing exactly the same thing. It’s forcing countries to advertise available jobs throughout the EU and is giving grants of around €1,000 to people, mostly from bankrupt Club Med countries and Eastern Europe, to move to countries like Britain, Germany and the Netherlands to find work (or generous benefits).

It’s clear where these many hundreds of thousands of unemployed will come from (click on chart to see clearly)

You may think the UK is overcrowded and bankrupt now. But just wait till a million Club Med escapees and another million Romanians and Bulgarians arrive in Benefits Britain. Our police, NHS, schools, social services and whole economy are all going to collapse under the strain of the millions of people being forced on us by our rulers in Brussels.

1 comment to Why the euro will NOT collapse. But we will be swamped by the EU’s unemployed (and unemployable)

  • right_writes

    I think you are mainly right here David…

    I do think that currencies can and do fail, but things have to get much worse before it happens…

    And it will happen to the Euro…

    There is no such thing as a European polity, and Europeans would rather fight each other than starve to death in friendship.

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