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Zimbabwe election farce – is it time to give up on basket-case Africa?

Let me try to predict the result of the Zimbabwe election – Robert Mugabe gets 150% of the vote: Morgan Tsvangirai gets 30% – Mugabe wins by 120%.

Mugabe will have done particularly well amongst the older generation – those aged over 100 (when average life expectancy in Zimbabwe is around 56). Amongst the elderly, Mugabe will have received around 400% of the votes.

Then this creature  Mugabe and his equally corrupt cronies get another few years to complete the ruination  of a once productive and wealthy country:

Meanwhile, on hearing the results – Mugabe 150%: Tsvangirai 30% – Mugabe’s great friend, South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, will declare he is satisfied that this was a ‘fair and free election’. Here’s Mugabe with his best mate Jacob Zuma:

I bet they get on really well together. Maybe, once Mandela has gone, Zuma plans to repeat his hero Mugabe’s policies in South Africa, So, soon we’ll see mass starvation there too.

No doubt the dictators, kleptocrats and fools who make up the African Union will also confirm that the Zimbabwe election, giving Mugabe 150% of the vote, was ‘fair and free’ – if they can take a few moments off from stealing their countries’ money.

For as long as I can remember, we’ve been pouring aid money into Africa to help Africa develop. And in the last forty years, while Asia has changed beyond recognition, Africa has gone backwards.

It’s estimated that African kleptocrats siphon off ten times as much money into offshore bank accounts each year as the whole continent receives in aid. If we could cut this thieving by just 10%, we wouldn’t need to give any aid to Africa at all. If we could cut this thieving by 20%, Africa would have twice as much money as it  currently receives in aid.

(Hopefully some readers can see similarities between the large gentleman in the cartoon and the laughable leaders of the utterly rotten African Union)

But, of course, it would be racist to suggest that Africa’s leaders are a bunch of corrupt, incompetent, lying, thieving, brutal, greedy, despotic fools. So instead, we cannot speak the truth and all the charities continue to pick our pockets of billions of pounds a year to give to large black men in shiny silk suits all with several palaces, private planes and extensive fleets of Mercedes.

Why will nobody tell the truth? With its massive resources, Africa should be one of the richest continents on earth, instead it’s the poorest. Africa’s poverty is self-inflicted. It’s a result of the greed, stupidity, corruption, nepotism, brutality and incompetence of the African ruling elites. Maybe it’s time for some tough love? Let’s cut off all aid to Africa in the hope that the people rise up against their repulsive rulers. Then, once there is some semblance of proper governance and a reduction in corruption, we could possibly resume aid.

Anyway, why bother having elections in Zimbabwe? Mugabe will still be winning them long after he’s dead.

3 comments to Zimbabwe election farce – is it time to give up on basket-case Africa?

  • John Fields

    Mr. Craig. I love this article. I give you 120 marks from 100!

  • Paris Claims

    I’m not sure if our system is much better. Take a look at postal voting . Although I’ve never lived in a rural area, and only had 4 addresses, I’ve never lived more than 500 yards from a polling station. The system is a joke.

  • Rod

    Paris Claims, after a recent court case (in the last few years) involving voting fraud and postal votes in Birmingham, the presiding judge said it would “disgrace a banana republic”. No guesses as to which particular “community” was involved. Unfortunately, if you import the third world, you end up with third world practices and culture.

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