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Useless Met Office predicts “washout summer”. Time to get out the barbecues? Time to scrap the £187m Met Office?

About 3 weeks ago, when our hopeless Met Office predicted yet another “washout summer”, one reader of a national newspaper cynically commented: “then I’ll be getting out the barbecue”. And how right he was. No sooner had the papers reported the Met Office’s confident prediction than the weather changed completely and the “washout summer” seems to have disappeared for the time being.

We all know the expression “when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”. The Met Office only has a hammer – that hammer is its almost religious belief that the earth is getting hotter due to man-made (Anthropogenic) Global Warming (AGW). So, whatever happens to the weather, the Met Office tries to explain it away as an inevitable result of AGW.

When it’s hot, the Met Office’s job is easy – it just smugly claims that this is undeniable proof of AGW. When it’s unseasonably cold, the Met Office’s job is a bit more difficult. But inevitably, the Met Office also claims cold weather is a result of AGW. I think their explanation goes something along the lines of – AGW is heating the planet warming the oceans and causing melting of the Arctic ice caps (the Met Office doesn’t mention record amounts of ice in the Antarctic): this warming causes more moisture to gather in the atmosphere and pushes the Jetstream south: and this southwards movement of the Jetstream will give us colder winters and wetter summers.

Incidentally, the Met Office’s hopeless predictions are damaging for the British economy as their forecasts of dismal summers encourage more people to take holidays abroad and this can be disastrous for Britain’s seaside towns.

Anyway, embarrassingly for the Met Office and its £200,000 per year boss, no sooner had the Met Office come up with this convoluted, but creative explanation for our cold winter and spring, than the Jetstream promptly moved northwards to give us the glorious weather we are enjoying now.

Like so many other public-sector organisations – the NHS, the police, social services, IPSA, the BBC etc – the Met Office seems to be staffed by incompetent, self-serving, politically-correct, overpaid, over-pensioned, lying buffoons and maybe it’s time we scrapped the £187m a year Met Office and handed a contract for producing short-term weather forecasts – 5 to 10 days – to a private-sector company that wasn’t obsessed by the myth of AGW?

Here’s a comment from a reader that I liked: “The Met Office couldn’t predict their own birthdays, let alone the weather“.

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3 comments to Useless Met Office predicts “washout summer”. Time to get out the barbecues? Time to scrap the £187m Met Office?

  • RodPolisher

    If you want accurate weather predictions, then Piers Corbyn ( is your man. He bases his weather forecasts on solar activity, sun spots etc and has a far better record and accuracy than the useless Met Office. None of this man-made global warming nonsense that allow governments to tax us to the eyeballs.

    An example of his work…

  • shortchanged

    Whilst my lady religously watches the weather forecast, I just look out the window., does it for me.

  • How can the Met Office get the forecast so wrong?
    Today “the Met” forecast heavy rain in the morning for the Watford area.Not a drop!! What happened? Time to get rid of all that ludicrous expenditure on a service that simply isn’t reliable.

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