August 2022
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Are we giving millions to people who hate us?

One of the readers of this blog (I think it was one of the few who was kind enough to show support by buying a copy of my latest book GREED UNLIMITED) sent me this chart of how we British taxpayers generously gave £2,873,572 to the East London Mosque in the years 2006 to 2011 (click on picture to see more clearly)

No doubt this lucky mosque has received lots more of our money since then.

So, what sort of people spread the word of God about love peace and tolerance at this mosque?

Well, according to another blog,  if you’d gone along to a recent Friday prayers, you might have heard from a man who believes:

– Apostates must be killed: “As long as they have been Muslim, once they reject it, their divine punishment is execution”

– Christians and Jews should be executed in an Islamic state for ‘talking against Mohammed’: “The Muslim ruler has to after consulting with the Islamic judge execute them after they are tried and convicted in a court of Islamic law”.

– “Homosexuality is an illness and something that Allah despises. The Prophet has cursed those who have intercourse with their wives through the anus. The punishment and the consequences of having it with another man is even greater”.

– “It is not permissible for a wife to refuse fulfilling her husband’s desire. You should answer his calls as this is not physically hurting you. If you can’t do that for no legitimate reason, you are sinful. You should ask him to marry another woman or to divorce you”

The gentleman also seems to be a bit of a Female Genital Mutilation fan.

Now, I don’t know if the two people who allegedly murdered an off-duty soldier in East London ever attended the East London Mosque or if they were influenced by anything they heard there:

But then I’m a trusting sort of person. So, if our leaders tell me that the good folk at the East London Mosque are paragons of understanding, tolerance and good inter-community relations, who thoroughly deserve millions of pounds of our money, who am I to question that?

Looking at our extraordinary generosity to the East London Mosque, I wonder how much taxpayers’ cash goes to the average Church of England vicar – probably not as much as to this money-spinning mosque.

2 comments to Are we giving millions to people who hate us?

  • Paris Claims

    It makes as much sense as sending the Germans tanks and aircraft in 1938. Whoever authorises these payments should have all their personal assets sequestrated, put in the stocks and then deported.

  • shortchanged

    You can’t deport them PARIS, they have their ‘yuman rights’, which they don’t have in their birth country.

    Stupid Britain, land of the free lunch.

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