February 2024
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Will useless Prince Charles be the King which dumb, selfish Britain deserves?

As the Queen approaches her 87th birthday, the prospect of the (IMHO) useless waste of skin Prince Charles becoming our next King grows ever nearer. The Queen has led an exemplary life – she has always put duty before her personal pleasures and represents all that was best in Britain. But what about Prince Charles?

It seems the hopeless, self-absorbed, whining, self-centered fool probably can’t spell the word “duty”. All Charles has ever thought about is himself. Moreover, he isn’t particularly bright. Now I know that the whole Windsor family aren’t too gifted – in fact most of them are as thick as two planks. But the problem with Charles is that rather than try to cover over his stupidity, he actively broadcasts how dumb he actually is.

Whereas the Queen represents Britain’s past – stiff upper lip, duty, service and so on – perhaps Prince Charles represents what Britain has become – a country full of selfish, whining, benefits-dependent, thick morons. Perhaps Prince Charles will be the King dumb, selfish Britain deserves?

And if Charles does become King, we can expect countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand to become republics – they wouldn’t want to pretend to show respect to the pointless, whining, moaning, useless Charles. But don’t worry, we may lose our links to Australians and Canadians, but we’ll soon be gaining 2 to 3 million deeply criminal, workshy Bulgarians and Romanians – so Great Britain will become even ‘greater’.

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