May 2024

Eastleigh by-election result delights Brussels eurocrats

What a great week it has been for the utterly corrupt, wasteful, unelected eurocrats. The fact that the complete pillocks in Eastleigh voted for a worthless LibDem has shown that Labour will win the 2015 election. The result couldn’t have been better for slimy, self-serving creep Barroso and his greedy, overpaid, overpensioned cronies. They now know that the massive anti-EU British vote will be split between the Tories and UKIP, giving Miliband and Balls the keys to Downing Street.

So what will this mean for the EU? Firstly, Brussels just needs to delay the agreed EU spending cuts for another 25 months in the knowledge that as soon as Miliband gets into power he’ll agree to the huge spending increases the eurocrats really want. Moreover, Miliband is just as weak and vain as Blair. Blair gave away about half the UK’s EU budget rebate, it’s certain Miliband will give away the rest making bankrupt Britain the largest contributor to the corrupt, wasteful EU.

Moreover, Miliband loves immigration. It’s immigration which creates ever more Labour voters. So expect over 50 billion pounds a year to be cut from things like pensions and care for the elderly and given instead to benefits scroungers and recidivist criminals from total vermin-infested toilets like Bulgaria and Romania.

Plus there will be no referendum on EU membership and there will be no British withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights. Moreover, being a “good European” Miliband will probably agree that Britain’s offshore shale gas reserves (like British fish) should be what the EU calls a “shared resource” – that means they belong to Brussels rather than Britain. If Miliband doesn’t agree to hand over our gas, the EU will probably dream up some “environmental” legislation to ban shale gas extraction.

The Libdems of Eastleigh may be rejoicing over their victory, but over in Brussels they’re ecstatic.

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