October 2021
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A book for the politically-incorrect – “TO HELL IN A HANDCART” by Richard Littlejohn

One reason for writing this blog is the hope that some readers might buy some of my books. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened. I don’t quite know why. Some of my books are ok and I don’t write them for the money, I hope they will help people become better informed. After all, given that the LibDems won the Eastleigh by-election and that only 6% of voters understand that when you have a deficit your debt goes up, the level of political and economic ignorance of the British public is truly astounding.

So rather than talk about my books – here’s a gem I found in my local charity shop. It’s called TO HELL IN A HANDCART and it’s written by Daily Mail journalist Richard Littlejohn. Although published in 2001, the book perfectly describes today’s Britain – swamped by bogus asylum seekers living off benefits while spending most of their time stealing: the police corrupt, ineffective and politically-correct persecuting those who obey the law while protecting criminals: the British public stupid, uneducated, celebrity-obsessed and completely unaware of how the country is being ruined.

Some of the reviews on Amazon show how painfully accurate Littlejohn’s description of Britain is. One called the book “absolute drivel”, another fumed “Littlejohn is a pompous, bigoted lowlife”.

Curiously, the book starts in a gypsy town in Romania – I suspect that in less than a year’s time many British citizens will have the pleasure of meeting Romanian gypsies.

The book is available second hand for 1p on Amazon. You may not want to buy my books, but TO HELL IN A HANDCART may go some way to showing those of us who dare to be politically-incorrect that we are not alone.

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