December 2023
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Why are the Nobel Prize committees such anti-Islamic, pro-Jewish racists?

According to some figures a reader sent me, there are about 1.2 billion Muslims making up about 20% of the world’s population. Muslims have won in total 7 Nobel prizes – so that’s about one Nobel prize for every 171 million Muslims.

In contrast, thanks to the efforts of the Germans and Austrians (enthusiastically supported by the French and Italians) there are only around 14 million Jews (just 0.02% of the world’s population). Yet Jews have won 129 Nobel prizes – one for every 108,000 Jews alive today. How can we explain the incredible disparity in achievement and contribution to mankind between 1,200,000,000 Muslims and just 14,000,000 Jews?

Of course, the usual bigots would probably suggest that the problem lies with the Islamic religion – its oppression of women, its discouragement of new thinking, its overly-literal interpretation of its holy book and its obsession with the past which means that the two main sects (Sunnis and Shiites) still love killing each other hundreds of years after the two main sects of Christianity (Catholics and Protestants) gave up internecine mass murder as a waste of time and energy and preferred to live in peace with each other. Then there’s also the unfortunate fact that one of the few Muslims to receive a Nobel Peace Prize was almost immediately murdered by other Muslims who disagreed with his desire for peace.

But I’m not a bigot. So I must conclude that the abject failure of Muslims to win Nobel prizes lies with the committees that award the Nobel prizes. Clearly they are heavily and shamefully biased in favour of Jews and against Muslims. Many Muslims have made huge contributions to mankind in medicine, science, literature and peace over the last century or so – although none springs to mind at the moment. Surely we should expose the scandal of anti-Islamic racism at the heart of the whole Nobel prizes set-up?

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  • Paris Claims

    I visit many nationalist sites and I have noticed a recent upsurge in anti semitism,revisionist thinking, and even Hitler “worship”. I have always had a soft spot for Israel as I see them as being on the frontline of the war islam is waging on the west, and the Jews as the canaries in the coal mine. However they back their hatred up with cold hard facts. There are a massively disproportunate number of Jews behind the deliberate attempt to flood “white” countries with third world immigrants. There are also many non Jews involved ( they’re all socialists) but as you point out 0.02% is a tiny percentage of the world’s population. It seems quite bizzare as the ordinary Jews “on the street” are the 1st to suffer when the number of muslims in an area increase.

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