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Welcome to Britain – and don’t forget to start claiming benefits!

One of the readers of this blog sent me this picture:

It’s a booklet produced by the Department of Work and Pensions explaining to new arrivals in Britain how they can start claiming benefits from the minute they arrive. No wonder the family in the photo look so happy. For people from a Third World country arriving in Britain is like winning the lottery.

This picture shows the English version of the booklet. But you can be sure that we taxpayers will have paid for it to be translated into at least 20 languages so anyone coming here will be able to get the maximum benefits as soon as they arrive whether they speak a word of English or not.

And with at least a million Romanian and Bulgarian families headed to Britain along with trash from all corners of the globe, we can expect to pay at least £30bn a year for the housing, schooling, healthcare and benefits for the next batch of new arrivals.

If you’ve ever wondered why the government can’t afford to give you a decent pension after all the money you’ve paid in National Insurance, hopefully this wonderful picture will explain why.

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4 comments to Welcome to Britain – and don’t forget to start claiming benefits!

  • Jason

    Instead of posting just the picture’ which means absolutely nothing, why not post the full leaflet?

    Of course we all know why – Inciting racial hatred perhaps?

  • John Darbyshire

    This has been known for years, British workers taxed more to pay for all these immigrants, asylum seekers and foreign criminals. This is the land of “milk and honey” They pass through numerous “safe” countries so that they can get their benefits. I don’t blame them, I blame the various spineless politicians over the decades. Enough is enough. Claim back Britain for the British. Anyone coming here to work and pay taxes and create wealth and abide by British customs and law is welcome. Everyone else should be shown the door and the drawbridge raised. Vote UKIP!

  • Cant believe that comment by Jason, inciting racial hatred my arse sonny!! When did stating the truth become hatred fgs except in the mind of a weak willed limp wristed liberal lefty do gooder of course!!!

  • Ron

    And where is the booklet explaining to British what benefits were entitled too, there isn’t one, we have to do research for ourselves.

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