June 2024

What will the Empress of Scotland do next?

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Our hearts go out to the Empress of Scotland

We are truly living through troubled times. One of the world’s wokest politicians – wee Nickie Sturgeon, someone who believes that a man in a wig with a full meat and two veg who rapes women is a woman – has decided to call it a day and has resigned. But as the (IMHO) pulsating pustule of bitterness and bile Sturgeon rides off the British political stage, let us remember her many successes and all she has done for the people of Scotland:

Drug overdose deaths

Deaths per capita from drug overdoses in Scotland are almost four times as high as in any other European country:

Well done Wee Nickie, that’s something to be proud of.

How about general health?

Scotland has the lowest life expectancy of all the UK’s countries:

SPICe_2020_Life Expectancy__01_Male_Female 19802018

How about education?

Scotland used to have an education system that was envied around the world. Recently Scotland withdrew from two international comparisons of educational performance supposedly to save money. But Scotland did remain in the OECD’s PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) study. In the OECD’s PISA study of around 500,000 pupils in participating countries, Scotland’s performance in Maths got worse:

In Science, it got worse:

Though there was some improvement in reading skills:

Laughably, Scotland’s education secretary said: “Pisa doesn’t cover everything but today corroborates what we see elsewhere – improving schools and a closing of the attainment gap. That is down to great teaching, well-supported pupils and the investment we have made. Much still to do, but well done everyone on a good result.”

I could go on detailing Wee Nickie’s many achievements, but you probably get the picture by now.

And it’s not as if Scotland is some complex sprawling, difficult-to-govern empire. The population of Scotland is only just over half the population of Greater London. Yet Wee Nickie and her SNP chums, with their eye-bulging obsession with independence, have managed to screw up just about every aspect of life in their sad little country.

Where next for the pulsating pustule of bile?

You might think that after 8 years of abject failure nobody would touch Wee Nickie with a bargepole. How wrong you’d be. I expect her to be quickly offered a lucrative job with a massive salary and almost unlimited expenses at one of our many utterly corrupt and incompetent international organisations. For example, the Chinese-run World Health Organisation (WHO) is in the process of coercing countries into giving it legal powers to over-ride national governments on issues like travel, lockdowns and vaccinations next time the WHO decides there is a ‘health emergency’. Someone like Empress Nickie, a pound-shop dictator who imposed the UK’s harshest Chinese plague lockdowns, would be an ideal candidate to help enforce this new one-world government.

Or there’s the even more corrupt and incompetent United Nations. Maybe after her many years trying to disunite the United Kingdom, the (IMHO) ghastly Scottish empress will be offered some kind of well-rewarded sinecure there? Or there are many other similar international organisations where Wee Nickie could find a comfortable, highly-paid, highly-expensed nest.

Or Wee Nickie could ‘do a Miliband’ and get half a million quid a year plus generous first-class travel heading some international charity?

Readers of my generation might fondly remember Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds about International Rescue:

And that’s the name of the great ‘charity’ that Miliband is supposedly running.

No doubt some equally ludicrous ‘executive’ job like that could be found for Scotland’s greatest living politician.

In fact, the opportunities for someone like the former Empress of Scotland, with a litany of failures to her name, are almost unlimited.

Here’s a Scot who actually does contribute something

Here’s another absolute scorcher from Neil Oliver:

4 comments to What will the Empress of Scotland do next?

  • Stillreading

    Yep! Great guy. Speaks truth to power – if they choose to hear it, which of course they don’t – as well as to the rest of us. I wonder how much longer he will last on GBNews before Ofcom bring about his expulsion from the Channel by the same diabolical means with which they got rid of Mark Steyn?

  • Paul Chambers

    These days the politicians are merely sales people for the corporatist elites who pay them the real money they feel they deserve for being so clever and leaderful.

    The wee krankie ticks a lot of boxes but the future is the pm of finland. Young pretty likes to party with the kids in her free time. Or Trudeau who sings karaoke and paddles kayaks with film crew tagging behind. Even jacinda from the right angle is more presentable although she may even present a challenge on the mad as a box of frogs communist scale.

    But once the Boris loan broker is kicked out of the BBC i feel she would be ideal chair commissar. She can ensure the scottish e-tractor production and bug crop yields are correctly reported and finally enforce the diversity they are so sadly lacking.

  • A Thorpe

    Neil Oliver gets to a key issue about humanity. We are all unique and individual and our success and knowledge is a result of this, not equality forced on us by the state. Because we have become specialised we have to cooperate to bring our individual knowledge together to create a society that works for everybody. But working against our freedom to create a society it seems that many people like to have some authority telling them what to do and this is why the state has support. The state, for reasons I fail to understand, seems to think it can interfere in our relationships and improve matters but all it does it make everything worse, including taking us into wars, using our money.

    Neil gave a practical example of how we work together when we need skills we don’t fully understand in his home refurbishment. All it needs is the state to keep out of it and we will resolve issues.

    I am inclined to think that we have left a period in our history where increasing knowledge was used to our benefit and it is now being used against us by the state and its propaganda arm, the media and really all controlled by the wealthy elite.

    We benefited from science because it initially brought understanding on matters such as the heliocentric universe, but with much opposition from the church. We then entered a period of scientific creativity in the industrial revolution where science had to be correct to make things work.

    We now seem to be in a period where science has become a matter of opinion to be discussed and the most powerful – the state – decides which opinion is correct. There was an example of the inability to resolve issues on GB last night with a discussion between Ken Livingstone and David Starkey which started about congestion charging but ended in a shouting match about climate change between two men who had little knowledge and an interviewer who knew less and had no control over the debate. Livingstone was promoting the climate crisis with no supporting evidence. Starkey took the opposite view but also had no evidence. The result must have completely confused listeners. Even if there had been somebody in charge who understood the science, they would not have changed the minds of Livingstone or Starkey or anybody watching. This will only end with a real crisis that cannot be reversed and which could be a civilisation destroying event.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    In the unfortunate absence of a candidate who self-identifies as a species of fish, my money is on Humza Yousaf as new ‘Scots’ First Minister.

    After all, the UK as a whole, along with the Republic of Ireland, is already under the thumb of descendants of people fortunate enough to have escaped from the sub-continent.

    Yousaf as overall clan chieftain would be entirely in keeping with the contemporary political agenda of the UK, as it slides inexorably into war, bankruptcy, and dictatorship.

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