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Illegal migrants – Sunak ‘does a Blair’. I warned you this would happen

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Blair disappears 100,000 asylum-seekers

On 19 December 2022, I wrote a blog in which I explained how the (IMHO) reptilian liar Blair managed to make magically disappear over 100,000 asylum seekers.

When Blair was criticised for the large number of asylum applications over the five years from 1997 (when New Labour were first elected) to 2002. He promised to cut the number of asylum applications. By 2005, honest Tony Blair was able to boast: “Asylum applications have fallen from over 8,000 a month to just over 2,000. The next set of statistics will show that monthly applications are back to their lowest level since March 1997”.

The chart below shows how trustworthy Tony was able to deliver this tremendous achievement. The dotted line is the number of asylum applications. The solid line is the number of UK citizenships granted:

What seems to have happened is that potential asylum-seekers were told that if they didn’t apply for asylum but instead sought UK citizenship, they would be granted citizenship no questions asked. British passports were being showered on illegals like confetti.

I produced this chart for my 2008 book Squandered: How Gordon Brown is wasting over one trillion pounds of our money:

Squandered: How Gordon Brown Is Wasting Over One Trillion Pounds of Our Money. David Craig

At the time this complete fraud on the British people, like many other New Labour frauds I exposed in my book, was not mentioned by any of the mainstream media. But you have to remember, this was a time when Blair’s press people had almost complete control over the media. Any political journalist writing critical stories would be excluded from supposed ‘scoops’ and so would be out of a job. Whereas those writing positive stories on the Blair/Brown government would be given exclusive stories making it look like they had deep inside knowledge of what was going on in government. As I’m sure you know, the TV comedy series ‘The Thick of It’ was based on the Blair/Campbell government.

In my 19 December blog I warned that the (IMHO) spineless, lying, UK-loathing coward, Rishi Sunak, would ‘do a Blair’.

Sunak ‘does a Blair’

Now, 20 years later, our latest globalist leader Sunak is faced with a similar problem to Blair. There are anywhere between 150,000 and 166,000 asylum seekers currently in the UK waiting decisions on their claims. But Rishi has a solution – just like Blair he’ll let them all stay in the UK.

Asylum seekers will be given the right to live in the UK without having face-to-face interviews to check their claims under government plans to reduce the backlog of cases. More than 12,000 migrants from five countries with the highest asylum success rates will have their applications processed on paper, with the “vast majority” given the green light to stay in the UK without an interview.

On Thursday, Home Office officials will start contacting the asylum seekers, from Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Eritrea and Yemen, and give them a 20-day deadline to fill in and return fast-track claims forms.

Am I the only person who can see the problem? Most of these economic migrants pretending to be asylum seekers will have destroyed their identification documents before coming to Britain. So we’re going to get tens of thousands of Pakistanis and Nigerians and Congolese and Bangladeshis and many many others all suddenly claiming to be from one of these blighted, violent, excrement-covered hell-holes –  Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Eritrea and Yemen. And as none of these good people will be interviewed to see if they are lying or not, they will automatically be given leave to remain in Britain.

Moreover, what the Government doesn’t mention is that anyone coming to Britain from these five countries or anywhere else will actually have come from safe France after crossing several other equally safe European countries. So, none of them should be allowed to stay in the UK. After all, according to the Dublin Convention an asylum seeker can only have his or her application considered in one of the Dublin countries. The main rule is that an application will be processed by the first Dublin country the asylum seeker comes to. Countries signed up to the Dublin Convention which include all the countries in the EU, plus Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Laughably, the Daily Express announced Sunak great plan with the headline: “PM to unleash massive crackdown on asylum backlog as UK hit with staggering £7m-a-day bill”

This is not a crackdown. It’s a free-for-all amnesty which will encourage millions more pieces of uneducated, unemployable, deeply criminal, West-hating, benefits-scrounging Third-world garbage to head for Benefits Britain.

The sooner we get rid of this useless, UK-hating Tory government of frauds, liars, cowards, knaves and traitors, the better.

4 comments to Illegal migrants – Sunak ‘does a Blair’. I warned you this would happen

  • A Thorpe

    Sunak does a Blair – conclusion all political parties are the same and from the evidence you present they are working against our interests and working in the interests of the elites who now control them.

    The politicians have turned theft into a legal activity. They have no respect for our property and can take anything they want from us. One of the main reasons for theft of our money is to fund their wars but people want peace and wonder why it seems impossible to achieve.

    Why do they all want to increase immigration? It is because immigrants are dependent on state handouts and so they will vote for parties supporting them. That is now all parties, because their only objective is to be in power and they don’t care what they have to do to achieve it. Starmer is following in Blair and Sunak’s tracks.

    They don’t care who is in the country and their impact on our traditions because their only objective is control over us. Political parties are tyrants in disguise and the cloak they use is democracy. They cannot see the difference between cultures when their objective is power and control. Ultimately, their objective is one world government. This is what the Roman’s would have liked to achieve and every powerful country since has had the same objective. For at least 100 years this has been the objective of the USA, which it’s many wars prove and it does it in the name of spreading fairness and prosperity. Bread and circuses eventually fails when the money runs out. The will people finally see the truth when it is too late.

    When the Roman state collapsed, society did not collapse because the two are entirely different. Society continued after the collapse of the Roman state because we can live free of the state. Of course the elites always return and fools that we are, we allow it because we fall for the trick of being helped by them.

  • Eric Legge

    The cost of putting the economic migrants in hotels is going to be a bargain compared to how the “government” is endeavouring to hide and house them in the long term. SERCO is contracting landlords to let it take over paying rents for houses and flats that it houses the migrants in. SERCO pays all of the utility bills and the council tax. Most of these unskilled migrants, once given the right to reside here, will also be on Universal Credit. With the hotels, SERCO pays the hotel bills and the “government” gives the migrants £40 a week spending money in the form of prepaid cards, but the original staff of the hotels are dismissed and replaced and the hotel owners get refurbishments paid for.

    History Debunked – How the refugee and asylum-seeker racket has created a shortage of rented accommodation in England. –

    “It is well known that finding a house of flat to rent at a reasonable price is all but impossible now in parts of the country. The reason is simple. The government, via its proxy SERCO, is snapping up all of the private rented accommodation and giving it to asylum-seekers.”

  • Eric Legge

    P.S. – I forgot to mention that once given the right to reside in the UK, the migrants also have the right to bring their family members here, just as students from some countries are allowed to bring their dependants with them. That means that the number allowed to stay increased by 3, 4, 5 times.

    By the way, Neil Oliver’s Saturday show is full of very interesting topics plus his usual excellent monologue.

    Neil Oliver | Saturday 25th February –

  • tomsk

    When I look at Labours front bench/shadow cabinet it scares me to death to see the already proven failures, swamp creatures and WEF far left lunatics in waiting but I despise these lying treacherous fake Torys so much that I want to see them obliterated, especially the unelected back stabbing Sunak. At least Truss was elected, it was a coup that brought Sunak in. Hopefully the true Torys such as Braverman/Banenoch/Mogg/Anderson/Choppe and one or two others will retain their seats to give parliament an appearance albeit small of there being some intelligence in there. My vote will be for any of these if they stand in my area UKIP/Heritage/Reclaim but NOT Reform the establishment shills they are.

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