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A wonderful “if ….., then …..” story in the Daily Mail

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In my last blog (Tuesday/Wednesday) I suggested how climate catastrophists use the “if ….., then ….. trick” to fool us into believing that climate Armageddon is just around the corner.

Then on Wednesday (yesterday), the Daily Mail published a perfect “if ….., then …..” story:

Global sea levels will rise by 4.6 FEET by 2150 if temperatures continue to rise at the current pace, study warns

The Mail article informs us that: “global mean sea level has risen by about 7.8 inches (20cm) in the past century and this trend is likely to accelerate with global warming, the researchers say.”

Google tells us that: between 1901 and 2018, the globally averaged sea level rose by 15–25 cm (6–10 in), or 1–2 mm per year on average. This rate is accelerating, and sea levels are now rising by 3.7 mm (0.146 inches) per year. Though the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) tells us that there has been no acceleration in sea level rise:

And this seems to be confirmed by most charts of sea levels which find no correlation between sea levels and rising levels of atmospheric CO2:

Then the Mail shows us a chart showing the likely rises in sea levels depending on how much we manage to cut CO2 emissions:

The Mail explains that: “The experts performed computer modelling simulations based on various climate scenarios. Under the worst-case scenario (weak emissions cuts) melted water from the two ice sheets will add 4.6 feet to sea levels by 2150.”

As you’ll see from this chart, sea-level rise seems fairly constant until the ‘scientists’ start their modelling. Then suddenly sea levels will apparently shoot up uncontrollably. Just to add to the doom and gloom, we’re told: “Unfortunately, the authors found that limiting global warming to 3.6°F (2° C) above pre-industrial levels – a key aim of the Paris Agreement – would be insufficient to slow down the rate of global sea level rise.”

I guess I have four main problems with this latest “if ….., then …..”  nonsense on stilts:

  • there doesn’t appear to be any correlation between sea-level rise and atmospheric CO2 levels
  • even the IPCC states that there has been no acceleration in the rate of sea-level rise
  • the rise in sea levels appears to have been constant for as long as sea levels have been measured – over 200 years
  • the projected rise in sea levels at even the ‘intermediate’ scenario is ludicrous compared to what has happened for the last 200+ years

But at least the Daily Mail article does give a perfect illustration of what I have called the “if ….., then …. trick”.

2 comments to A wonderful “if ….., then …..” story in the Daily Mail

  • A Thorpe

    The biggest trick of all is played by the government – If you hand your money over to us then we will keep you safe from everything. The trick applies everywhere and the modelling example could be applied to covid increasing as a result of modelling.

    You should work this up into an article for TCW. It should promoted as much as possible.

  • Stillreading

    Slightly off topic I know, but there’s a good article in TCW today about Ofcom closing down all discussion on the adverse effects of the covid jab. As watchers of GBNews already know, Ofcom have managed to silence Mark Steyn simply by threatening the Channel with such enormous fines for allowing the truth to be told, that it had no alternative but to renegotiate its contract with Steyn, whereby he personally, not the Channel, would be financially liable for the Ofcom fines which would undoubtedly be imposed were he to continue his legitimate exposure of vax damage done. Self-evidently, Mark Steyn would not, could not, sign any such contract, so he has disappeared from our TV screens. Such, or at least in principle similar has, of course, happened to any and every scientist who has dared to oppose the official “CO2 is setting the world on fire, let’s all be bankrupted by fuel costs, we must eat grass and insects” Net Zero nonsense. Anyone, be they broadcaster, author, scientist, naturalist, artist, who dares stick a head above the parapet and oppose the desired WEF and WHO, Schwab, Fauci, Gates mantra, is signing his or her professional death warrant. The Petition is attracting a nice lot of signatures. Easily found on TCW website, one of today’s articles.

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