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“Don’t go breaking my heart” Mr Pfizer

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Well, I don’t expect you’ll see this reported in the supine, worthless, miracle-vaccine-adoring, lockdown-pushing UK mainstream media.

Mark Steyn on GB News seems to be the only person in the media with the courage to mention this more than trivial problem. Here’s the brilliant Dr John Campbell, who has been a daily voice of sanity and a source of reliable information throughout the lab-leaked Chinese plague epidemic, explaining something our rulers are absolutely terrified to admit:

4 comments to “Don’t go breaking my heart” Mr Pfizer

  • Stillreading

    At last, an irrefutable, hard, scientific explanation emanating from a peer-reviewed report in a reputable Medical Journal, of precisely WHY erstwhile fit people are dropping dead (or being found dead) following the mRNA jab. Those of us who have paid attention to our own eminent Cardiologist, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, have in effect “known” this for some time (although without the photographic evidence), but when attempting to discuss it with family and friends and urge caution with regard to the “vaccine” for the young of the family, have been regarded as either senile or conspiracy theorists or both, so have said no more, whilst quietly refusing to take any more of the dubious product for ourselves. A further contra-indication for the jab, one to which the video naturally makes no reference since it is unrelated to the heart pathology being discussed, is the strong suspicion that the jab possibly PERMANENTLY suppresses, via a specific interferon and thus the T Cells, the natural immune response to ANY invading pathogen, thus rendering the subject increasingly less able to fight off any infection which is going around. Going forward, this has sinister implications for the development of cancer, cancerous growths being believed to emanate from common cells which we all regularly produce but which are usually killed off by our innate immune systems before they have a chance to proliferate. One oncologist has already noted re-awakening of cancerous activity, following the jab, in some of his cancer patients who had previously been in remission. This, however, absent hard scientific evidence, can only be regarded as correlation not causation, always the get-out counter-argument until proven otherwise. Meanwhile, we observe amongst people we know, as well as the self-styled “Great and Good” of the world such as Biden and Trudeau, that those most enthusiastic for the jab, those who trot off eagerly every few months to get the latest “booster” are those who appear to become ill with the plague the most frequently. But of course, if challenged, they merely reply, “How thankful I am I had my booster. Without it I’d have been much more ill and possibly died”. Group think, as created by the Nudge Department, is very potent. We are ever more discouraged from thinking for ourselves and analysing what we are told. Thank you, David, for finding and posting this video.

  • A Thorpe

    I haven’t watched Campbell’s videos for a long time. I feel he is showing off his knowledge rather than trying to inform the general population. It is not clear to me what point he is really making because he doesn’t want YouTube to cancel him.

    He mentions the low sample size and it is 5 people said to have died specifically because of the vaccine out of millions who were vaccinated. He starts by saying the vaccine is definitely the cause of these deaths and then changes it to quite likely. That is not science. He fails to say what this risk is in relation to the benefits of the vaccines. This is really the issue he needs to addressed if he is doing this to inform us. I also have an issue with GB News who have featured vaccine deaths but they have never said how the vaccine caused the death. They are more concerned about compensation than identifying possible problems with the vaccines.

    The question I ask is if the vaccine is causing deaths why are the numbers so low. Surely, there must be other factors associated with the deaths ofmthese people.

    These vaccines must be injected into a muscle and aspiration should be used to ensure that the needle is not in a vein. Apparently this is no longer being done but the risk of the injection being into a vein is said to be low. I have seen suggestions that the reason for serious problems and death could be due to the vaccine being injected into a vein. Is this why the 5 patients died?

    The real problem here is that the risks and benefits should have been thoroughly investigated before the vaccines were imposed on us.

  • Ed P

    At last the awful truth is emerging from all the medical and media lies. In good time for the Republican takeover of Congress in January, when Fauci and other mass-murdering psychopaths hopefully will be brought to justice.

    It’s doubtful that ‘world leaders’ have had these death-jabs – most will have had the ‘saline special’ (labelled, for the media, as mRNA vaccine of course).

    It’s nearing the time to erect gallows for all our deceitful and murderous politicians, journalists and medics.

  • A Thorpe

    We might never agree about John Campbell and I have just watched him interview Prof Norman Fenton about vaccine trial data and other issues. It was on Fenton’s site and it is apparently on Campbell’s site. I don’t know whether Campbell is reacting for effect but he appears not to know about basic issues.

    They are discussing relative and absolute risk at the start, but neither seem to know that it is a legal requirement in the USA to publish both risks and this was ignored for the covid vaccines and nothing was done about it. Even the claimed 95% efficacy was never explained here and absolute risk never mentioned. Fenton understands the issue but it is not clear what Campbell understands and the same goes for most government and health experts in the UK.

    Campbell is putting the blame onto the editors of medical journals for not publishing the full risk information and thinks that they should guarantee the accuracy of published information and he talks about peer review a lot. It is impossible for reviewers and editors to confirm the accuracy of papers unless they effectively repeat the work independently. All they can do is look for obvious errors. I don’t understand how peer review has become thought of as a guarantee of accuracy. A classic example of this is Michael Mann’s tree ring data analysis. He refused to make his computer code available and without that his work cannot be checked. The Covid trial results did not publish the absolute risk reduction, but all the information was there for anybody to calculate it. That does not make the papers wrong. Also it was all published before the vaccine rollout so both risks could be calculated, which I did. However, the bigger issue, which Fenton touches on is that the protocols for the covid vaccine trials were inadequate, and in my view should be treated as criminal.

    Returning to Campbell after my previous comment I checked his qualifications. He calls himself Dr but this is a PhD for developing teaching methods, not a medical qualification. There is also quite a lot of criticism of him on the internet. One site calls him a danger to all. I’m not impressed.

    Fenton, on the other hand, knows what he is talking about. He is retiring which is a pity.

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