April 2024

Perhaps it’s time to call it a day?

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

First a couple of small points

The Albanians’ victory parade

A couple of blogs ago I posted a link to a Mark Steyn GB News monologue about Albanian illegal migrant criminals doing wheel spins in £50,000 to £100,000 luxury cars around Parliament Square and Westminster Bridge on Albania’s national day. Let me suggest that this was more than just a few multi-millionaires having fun. This was a victory parade. This was a celebration of conquest – a conquest of Britain. A show of power by Albanian multi-millionaire criminals of who was really in charge of our country. That’s why they did this right outside the Houses of Parliament. This was Albanian multi-millionaire criminals braying “we can do what we want and you can can do nothing to stop us”. And what did our utterly useless wet-rags plods do? Did they weigh in and spoil our conquerors’ antics? Did they arrest the crooks and investigate how they were able to buy their luxury cars? No, our worthless police closed roads to British drivers so the Albanians could celebrate their victory over us without anybody daring to raise a finger against them.

Albanian lives matter to our pointless police, British lives don’t.

The Dr John Campbell video about mRNA heart damage

In my last blog I provided a link to a Dr John Campbell video about pathology reports showing the process by which the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines were causing an elevated level of heart conditions. The point of the video was to explain the process by which the vaccines are causing heart problems. This video was not meant to be a statistical proof of the damage the vaccines are doing to some people. Dr John Campbell has discussed this in other videos.

If I remember correctly, statistical analyses in Israel, Germany and a few other countries have identified a 20% to 25% increase in heart problems. And there has been a huge increase in the number of young athletes having heart attacks and even dying following vaccination. Some of this will, of course, be linked to the difficulty of accessing medical care over the Chinese lab-leaked plague years. But peer-reviewed studies in several medical journals (featured in other Dr John Campbell videos) have shown that some of the increase in heart problems is linked to the mRNA vaccines.

Is it time to call it a day?

Now for the main issue in today’s blog – whether there’s any point in my continuing this blog.

When I started writing books about 15 years ago and then started a blog a few years later, I felt I could serve a useful purpose writing about issues – politicians’ incompetence and waste, our bloated charity industry, the power-grabbing EU, Third-world corruption, our dumbed-down universities and, most recently, the climate crisis farce/scam – which were either ignored or lied about by much of the mainstream media. Since then there have been two relevant developments:

Development 1: The mainstream media has become increasingly focused on promoting/propagandising just one ‘acceptable narrative’ on almost any issue. Whether it’s the 50+ genders, whether men with penises can become real women, the supposed ‘climate crisis’, the evils of colonialism, white privilege, critical race theory, white racism, the joys of multi-culturalism, the origin of the Chinese lab-leaked plague, the effectiveness and safety of the ‘miracle vaccines’, Trump as president, Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities, net zero, renewable energy, reparations for slavery, Third-world corruption, the Black Lives Matter racket, Diversity is our Strength, open-borders immigration or whatever, only one view has apparently been considered acceptable. To deviate from or question this one view has come to lead to one being abused as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, a ‘tin-foil-hat wearer’, a ‘denier’ or ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ or ‘murderer’ or worse, to being cancelled and even to have one’s career and life destroyed.

Development 2: As the mainstream media has become more totalitarian and censorious, ever more outlets are emerging daring to question the one officially approved narrative. My favourites are:

  • ‘Mark Steyn Show’ on GB News at 8 to 9 Monday to Thursday evenings
  • Neil Oliver’s monologues (the 10-11 minute ones, not the 30 minutes+ pieces)
  • Toby Young’s ‘The Daily Sceptic’ e-newsletter
  • Simon Webb’s daily ‘History Debunked’ YouTube videos
  • Paul Joseph Watson’s Youtube videos
  • the ‘ConservativeWoman’ website with 4 or 5 daily articles
  • Tony Heller’s ‘’ articles and videos
  • The WattsUpWithThat website for climate-related articles
  • Paul Homewood’s ‘Not a lot of people know that’ climate-related emails
  • Dr John Campbell’s almost daily YouTube talks
  • for more financially-oriented but also anti-establishment news
  • If readers have any other recommendations, they can click on the headline and include these recommendations in a comment

The bottom line is there are now an awful lot of people providing much more varied and better informed contributions that I can manage.

That leaves me with two options:

  • Option 1 – Continue the blog, occasionally writing something original myself, but mainly to direct readers to videos or articles I find valuable
  • Option 2 – Call it a day and let other people fight the good fight against the totalitarian globalists intent on controlling and immiserating us worthless, ignorant proles by destroying our sources of energy, wrecking our food supplies and subjecting us to ever more restrictive limitations of our freedoms.

I propose to try Option 1 for a couple of months and see what happens to my readership numbers. If they collapse, then it’ll be Option 2.

11 comments to Perhaps it’s time to call it a day?

  • Val Manchee

    I hope you continue with the blog. I have never commented before but I do read it and have always found it informative. I am 77 and long ago gave up on MSM. I need you, and others like you, to keep me apprised of what is happening in the world.

  • Hardcastle

    I fully understand that you are feeling somewhat disillusioned but please be aware that your blog and others you have mentioned,are helping to keep us sane and at the very least provide hope that the truth will out.Remember,most of what we are fighting against defies reality and eventually that reality bites you in the bottom.Western finance and net zero are very near to the point where the chickens come home to painfully roost.Then see how the worm turns.Keep up the good fight David,we need you.

  • Wonky Moral Compass

    Yes, stick at it. Your original pieces are welcome, but flagging interesting content elsewhere is worthwhile too.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Come on, Dave keep going.

    Only you know what your readership numbers are.

    I administer some websites and blogs for other people so I know that once you have a website up and running, the only costs are he domain name and site hosting, which are both pretty low for blogs. Moreover, if you don’t use it you lose it. You need to keep your mind active and your blog has long impressive archives.

    BTW, I notice that your blog still uses a non-secure http instead of an encrypted https URL that any site using an http can convert to. Even pubs and restaurants have an https URL.

  • A Thorpe

    I often wonder how you find the time to do this, and perhaps what you get from it. Many blogs expect funding to have access and some to comment. The Daily Sceptic requires a financial contribution to make comments. You are putting in a lot of free effort which some others don’t, and I am sure we all appreciate that. The good point about it is that nobody slings insults about. Mattias Desmet has said that the way to counter group think is to keep repeating alternative views, so that is perhaps a reason to keep going, but only if you are getting new readers. I feel that I am getting to the point where I don’t want to research or read the sources you mention because they are all now repeating the same issues, and nobody has any idea what to do about it. The next election will not solve anything.

    Returning to Dr Campbell and the comment clearly directed at me, it is all about statistics but specifically the risks and benefits which can only come from Randomised Control Trials of the vaccines and determined before approval. We all know that many RCTs are not as thorough as they should be, the Covid vaccine trials being a perfect example. No vaccine is 100% effective or 100% safe and this is what the trials should establish. There were statements made saying they were 100% safe by many people, including Biden and Boris. The preliminary Covid trial results were published showing the claimed 95% efficacy, but this was related to the relative risk ratio, not the absolute risk ratio and the trial design was obviously inadequate. There was no information about deaths, hospitalisation, or reduced transmission. Did Dr Campbell point this out in his early videos, because if he did, he should be repeating the message in every video – the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines was unproven. If he did not know this from the start, is he really a person to listen to? He gave no advice about getting further vaccinations in the latest video as a result of the information he provided, I assume because he knew that YouTube could close his account. This is why your blog is so important because it does not have these restrictions and we are free to express our views.

    Have you looked at the paper that Dr Campbell was talking about? He claimed it proved that it was highly likely that the vaccines caused the deaths. But the paper says: “Finally, we cannot provide a definitive functional proof or a direct causal link between vaccination and myocarditis. Further studies and extended registry are needed to identify persons at risk….”

    I don’t know what point you wanted us to pick up from the video. The paper does not recommend that people stop having the vaccine and neither did Dr Campbell, so what did you want us to conclude? It is about risk because this is what people should have been told to give their consent to having the vaccine. There is no point in telling people there is a risk of death unless they know the risk and are prepared to accept it, and they will only do that if the risk of death from the disease is far greater. We still do not have a definitive answer to that, and I doubt that new RCTs can be carried out because there are not enough unvaccinated people who would be willing to take part in new trials.

  • Loppoman

    I know how you feel David.
    I am fed up reading the same stuff you and others put out. Only a minority pay any attention, so nothing gets done.
    You are right – elections will solve nothing.
    We are now at a stage where only civil unrest has a hope of achieving changes.
    Enough people need to be sufficiently educated to realize and accept this.

  • Stillreading

    I too can understand that you must inevitably become disillusioned at times David, but believe me, your blogs are all well worth reading and I am convinced that the truth about the most notable issues your raise, namely at the moment the covid “vaccine” and anthropogenic climate change, WILL out eventually. Truth can always be suppressed for a time, but inevitably is established by observation if nothing else. People with no medical or scientific knowledge are OBSERVING relatives and friends becoming ill, developing shingles, or even dying after taking the jab and try as the sceptics may, citing “correlation is not causation”, just how much correlation can we plebs swallow before we come to our own conclusions about causation, regardless of the scientific mantra? The truth is slowly but relentlessly emerging about the “safe and effective” vax and the flagrant lies we were all force fed more than two years ago and which are giving ever more of us severe indigestion. Of course, none of your readers are going to agree with you on everything, just as very few who DO endorse your views will make the effort to respond. They read you nevertheless; you can be sure of that. I ask myself every day just how much more are UK citizens, of whom I am one, going to take before there is rebellion? What about the residents of Oxford for example, who are about to be told they may take their cars outside their very limited locality, as arbitrarily designated by the local Council, no more than 100 times a year, on pain of a hefty fine for contravention. Are Oxford Council Tax payers and Road Fund Licence purchasers going passively to accept this, or will they mount a rebellion? I very much hope the latter, because if they don’t, in no time at all such prohibitions will proliferate throughout the UK faster than the covid plague. However, that’s a specific issue. My point is that we need people like you to keep us on our toes and reassure us that we are not alone in our condemnation of so much that is being forced upon us. Doubtless there are thousands who, like me, endorse your views, are extremely grateful for the links you publish to other sites and videos, but who – also like me – lack the knowledge but also the courage publicly to air controversial views on a regular basis. This becomes increasingly apposite as every manifestation of the Law bends feebly to the prevailing wind of Woke and repression of free speech. Please don’t give up.

  • Epiphyte

    Your commentary and analysis are always illuminating. They certainly add to the discussion with your well researched pieces. Particularly the stats you dig up. I drop in most weeks to read your blog but rarely comment. Please don’t pack it in just yet. Thanks for sharing your views and the links, some of which are new to me. We normal human beings cling to blogs such as yours. It keeps us sane.

  • Dave H

    I’m pleased you chose option 1 David.
    I look forward to reading your views and insights.
    The others you mention are also good , one more is Max Igan of the , he regularly posts on bitchute and others.

    Say with it David, the more people we can reach the better.

    Cheers ,

    Dave H.

  • ERn


    You must simply do what you think best, but nothing goes on for ever. Your contribution to the battle for decency, what is obviously right – and for truth – has been fruitful. Moreover, IMO, it has been, it is, most successful.

    So many good, decent people out there are hopelessly ignorant about reality, about the real world we live in. You have been helping to counter the malign forces pushing against people like your readers. Facts are facts.

    May I suggest – maybe take a good break and appraise ? So long as your health and your family permit, keep up the great work David. We need you.


  • Stargazer

    David, you are a stalwart on the front lines of the culture wars and I always read your blog to find my way through the fog of ignorance and lies that surrounds what passes for the clown world in which we now live. I can understand you feel like you’re howling into the void and the disillusionment this must bring but we need standard bearers like you to contine to fight the good fight.

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