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Your government is lying to you about the Albanians

Monday/ Tuesday blog

The Blair/Brown liars

Last week I wrote a blog exposing how the Blair/Brown government had lied and lied and lied to us when it was put under pressure over the number of ‘asylum seekers’ coming to the UK in the back of lorries. The Blair/Brown government had two options:

  • take action to reduce the number of asylum seekers coming to the UK
  • lying to us by fiddling to figures to make it look like they were reducing the number of asylum seekers

In my blog, I used the following chart:

This shows how the liars in the Blair/Brown government showered illegal arrivals with UK passports so they wouldn’t need to claim asylum. This allowed the liars in the Blair/Brown government to claim they had reduced the number of asylum applications (the dotted line on the above chart). Meanwhile the number of illegal migrants being given British citizenship rocketed.

Now that the Sunak/Braverman government is under pressure over the massive rise in illegal migrants being ferried into 4- and 5-star hotels by the useless Border Farce and the idiots at the RNLI, I ended my blog by wondering whether the Sunak/Braverman government would:

  • genuinely try to reduce the numbers crossing the channel
  • or would resort to the kind of deception and lies previously used by the scum in the Blair/Brown administration
Lies and lies and lies from Sunak and Braverman?

Let’s just look at what’s happening with Albanians. Here’s a quote from the official government report on small boat crossings:

However, since May 2022, there has been a significant increase in the number of Albanians crossing the channel on small boats. From May to September 2022 Albanian nationals alone comprised 42% of small boat crossings, with 11,102 Albanians arriving by small boat in those five months. In contrast, over the whole of 2021 there were a total of 815 Albanian nationals who arrived by this method. In some weeks over the summer, more than half of small boat arrivals claimed to be Albanian.

I should also mention that according to government figures: ‘from 2018 to June 2022, 95% of Albanian small boat arrivals were male.’.

The government also tells us that Albania is a safe country and therefore Albanians should not be granted asylum in the UK :

‘Albania is considered a safe country and the country is listed as a designated state under section 94 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002. This means that, ‘there is, in general in that state or part of it no serious risk of persecution of persons entitled to reside in that state or part of it.’

So, you might have expected that the Sunak/Braverman government would be deporting all these Albanian men who have absolutely no right to remain in Britain. But deporting people is difficult. Just as it was difficult for the Blair/Brown government to cut the numbers arriving in the back of lorries. It would be much easier for Sunak and Braverman to find spurious excuses to allow all these Albanian mostly (95%) men to stay in the UK. And this is what Sunak and Braverman have done. The current rate of granting asylum to the mostly male Albanians who have absolutely no right to claim asylum in the UK, is an extraordinary 53%.

So, while talking tough and telling us that the Albanians being ferried to our shores have no right to claim asylum, our useless, lying Sunak/Braverman excuse for a government is handing out ‘right to remain’ to more than half the Albanians who shouldn’t be here.

As for the other 47%, I suspect most of them are living a life of idle luxury in our £150- to £200-a-night hotels or else are busy supplying cannabis, cocaine and heroin to their British customers.

Have you seen the Shirley Serban videos?

As our country goes down the drain of history, here’s something to cheer us all up. I have just come across a person called Shirley Serban who makes parody videos based on well-known songs. She’s amazingly talented. Here are just a couple of the many videos she has uploaded:

3 comments to Your government is lying to you about the Albanians

  • Paul Chambers

    Hmmmm so all these muslim migrants are suddenly Albanian. Part of nato and soon to be eu – pretty much Greek really.

    I smell a nudge at work to make it seem more palatable. Once Sushi takes us back into the EU single market we wont need to bother with the boats all these “Albanians” can get the eurostar train here from Paris.

  • A Thorpe

    The two videos remind me of bus journeys. Downstairs are the masked-up elderly and upstairs the young with heads down absorbed by their phones.

    The problems we face are the result of political failures and the support of MSM which is effectively a political propaganda machine. Rather than the drain of history, it is perhaps more of a black hole because there is no return from this decline and loss of English identity and values.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I note that the other day, Keir Starmer suggested that the NHS is recruiting too many people from overseas, and that ‘’We should be training people in this country.’’

    For this suggestion, he was accused by the SNP of ‘’Grubby dog-whistling for votes’’, and Corbyn’s ‘Momentum‘ group called St Keir’s suggestion ‘’Deeply disappointing and insulting’’.

    Quite right, comrades. After all, it’s obvious that denuding developing countries of their trained medical staff so that they can care for patients in wealthy first-world nations is a proper, egalitarian Socialist policy. And the very idea of expecting the single largest employer in the UK to train its own recruits from the UK population is obviously nothing but a greedy capitalist ploy to exploit the British working classes even further, as well a deliberate, gratuitous insult to every existing overseas-origin NHS staff member.

    However, on the 2nd of August it was announced that the government has refused to allow the current cap on UK medical and dental school places to be lifted. Phew, thank heavens for that. Since only a third of prospective UK medical students who applied for places for the 2021-22 year actually got them, Corbyn’s people must be delighted that the Tory government is so resolutely determined to carry out their policies for them.

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