May 2024

Now even GB News joins the mainstream-media, climate-catastrophist cult

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Tom Harwood – do you really believe the climate-catastrophist nonsense?

I got a shock yesterday morning while watching GB News. The presenter, Tom Harwood, started gushing about how the UK had managed to reduce its CO2 emissions. What he said was accurate as this chart showing UK CO2 emissions since 1990 indicates:

But Mr Harwood didn’t seem to be interested in speculating how the UK managed to reduce CO2.

Here’s a chart which might be relevant to the UK’s supposed ‘success’ in reducing CO2 emissions. This chart shows the UK’s share of global manufacturing since 1990:

United Kingdom Share of manufacturing - data, chart |

This has almost halved from over 16% to around 8.7% in the last 30 years.

And here’s another chart. This one shows the number of people employed in manufacturing in the UK falling from over 6 million in 1978 to around 5 million by 1990 to just over a pathetically-small 2 million now:

UK Workforce Jobs SA : C Manufacturing (thousands) - Office for National Statistics

Dear Mr Harwood, I would humbly suggest that the UK has not reduced its CO2 emissions. The UK has merely transferred its CO2 emissions to other countries (mainly cheap-energy, coal-addicted China) by closing down UK manufacturing, throwing three to four million productive UK manufacturing workers out of their jobs and making us ever more dependent on foreign imports.

Dear Mr Harwood, I would humbly suggest that this is not something we should celebrate as a ‘success’.

The UK’s climate minister

By the way, Tom Harwood’s (apparent to me) delight at the UK’s reduction of its CO2 emissions came during an interview with some MP called Graham Stuart. Graham Stuart was appointed the Minister of State (Minister for Climate) on 6 September 2022. Until I saw Mr Harwood’s interview with Graham Stuart yesterday, I hadn’t realised that the UK had (or even needed) a ‘Minister for Climate’.

If we have a ‘Minister for Climate’ why don’t we also have a ‘Minister for Tides’? As King Canute once tried to show, a ‘Minister for Tides’ would be just as useful as a ‘Minister for Climate’:

Our country has truly gone mad. And now even the once sensible GB News seems to have been infected by the mass madness.

This is how I feel about our future:

No wonder the Chinese can’t stop laughing at our stupidity:

4 comments to Now even GB News joins the mainstream-media, climate-catastrophist cult

  • Carolyn hill

    I guess they are trying to present a balanced point of view. Otherwise the channel will be dubbed “climate deniers” heaven forbid! It’s already being painted as far right – Just ask “Stop funding hate”. Yesterday I heard one of the presenters ranting about the pointlessness of outsourcing manufacturing abroad and the increased CO2 in doing so. It’s such a fallacious piece of thinking I can’t believe that it’s been swallowed hook, line and sinker by all and sundry.

    The emperor is stark naked! Why can’t they see that?

  • A Thorpe

    Isn’t it typical of politicians that they have adopted a policy and have no idea about the consequences of it? They are now trying to deal with the economic consequences of their pointless Covid policies, also because they didn’t consider the consequences. In both cases they were “following the science” but they are incapable of understanding the science and understanding the initial problem they think they faced.

    Now they are putting emphasis on growth, but we haven’t had growth for years as your graphs show. The only growth we have is in meaningless jobs created to keep people off benefits. Yuval Harari is criticised for talking about useless eaters, but he has identified the issue. The industrial revolution created jobs that are now vanishing because of automation, or being exported to China and Asia and there are not enough jobs in the west. We are also perhaps realising that many of the present jobs are sustained by a throw away consumer society, which makes no sense.

    Returning to climate change and GB New, the presenters don’t have a clue about the science or perhaps don’t want to argue with the people they interview because they won’t get anybody to appear if they are too tough on them. They never challenge them with science and the supporting empirical evidence. We have sufficient recorded weather data to show that there is nothing unusual about the present weather. Your book shows this and Tony Heller regularly presents information but related mainly to the USA.

    Last night Farage interviewed a professor of sustainability from Sheffield University, John Grant. I have encountered him before and he has nothing to say about the climate. It is just more unsupported Greta style waffle. He is a town planner and appears to have no background in physics. Farage did not challenge him on any climate science fact. I’ve recently read a few papers by A-N Morner, a Swedish scientist and like many he takes the view that CO2 is causing climate change but not as much as claimed. There are many of these fence sitters who I am sure do this to keep their jobs. GBNews as an organisation can claim to be opposed to net zero policies but none of the presenters seem to understand the science and they don’t interview people who do.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    When the British Army actually has a General as a ‘Climate Change & Sustainability lead’, you start to get an idea that the task of defending the nation is not taken as entirely seriously as it used to be by those Common Purpose graduates currently entrusted with the security of the nation’s citizens.

    The army that once boasted leaders of the calibre of Marlborough, Wellington, Roberts, and Montgomery appointed a Lieutenant General, one Sir Richard Nugee, to this role a couple of years ago. A Lieutenant General is a rank that used to command an Army Corps, consisting of two or more divisions and at least 40,000 men.

    But somehow I’m note entirely sure that the grizzled, battle-scarred veterans of Sir Richard’s Climate Corps will be scaring the pants off of Putin and Xi. Armed, as they now are, with a shiny new set of deadly gender pronouns.

    And it’s quite possible nowadays that even the army’s white flags will be made in China…..

  • Stillreading

    I agree with Carolyn, GBNews is obliged under current legislation to present a “balanced view”, which is why they include some supremely irritating leftie individuals in their discussion panels. The magnificent Mark Steyn is already under investigation by Ofcom since the Establishment would dearly love to see him consigned terminally to oblivion. We are fed lie upon lie upon lie by Government and the “Nudge” department is working harder than ever before. If that “Professor” from Sheffield Hallam is a typical example of those feeding nonsense to our youngers at “uni” on a regular basis, no wonder they emerge unable to think for themselves and liable to have an emotional crisis if anyone dares to challenge their infantile views. I’ve just listened to the latest R4 programme on the disastrous, sometimes lethal, effects suffered by our service chaps who were shipped out as – let’s face it – experimental subjects to see what happened to humans who were close to an Hbomb explosion. The majority are now deceased, their relatively early deaths being attributed to multiple causes, including leukaemia and other cancers. Others have suffered skin diseases and their spouses have an above average number of still births and/or children who died early, sometimes in infancy. Fast forward 70 years and if the BBC still exists – which actually I doubt – our descendants could well be listening to a programme about the Government’s refusal to acknowledge the connection between mRNA Covid vaccination and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome from cardiac failure, increases in cancers which occurred as a consequence of innate immune systems damaged by the vax, menstrual anomalies leading to possible diminished fertility in vaxxed women, even deaths from no identifiable pathology of 5 and 6 year old children whose parents had been forced to permit their vaxxing a condition of being educated in the USA State system.

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