June 2024

African billionaires thank you for your generous stupidity

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Today – two stories about how we get fleeced when we think we’re giving to charities in Africa.

Story 1 – Ethiopian billionaires laughing at our gullibility

It makes you proud to be British, Last week the UK Government decided to chuck another £29m into supposedly tackling starvation in Ethiopia. Here’s part of our Government’s joyous announcement:

The Minister for Africa Vicky Ford has announced an additional £29m of humanitarian aid to people affected by the catastrophic conflict in northern Ethiopia. The announcement marks World Food Day today [16 October] and increases the UK’s commitment to the crisis to more than £75m – making the UK the second largest donor.

Of course, we don’t have that £75m. We don’t even have the latest lump of £29m. We’ll have to borrow it and pay interest on it for decades to come. So we won’t have so much money to spend on public services in Britain.

Let me just remind you of two not totally minor facts about Ethiopia:

Fact 1: The population of Ethiopia is shooting up:

When Saint Bob did his BandAid and LiveAid, there were about 40 million Ethiopians. Now there are close to 100 million. So it’s no wonder they don’t have enough to eat. By 2050, there will be about 200 million Ethiopians. So we’ll still be pouring ever more of our money into the bottomless pit of Ethiopian hunger. Although, of course, with all our political parties (enthusiastically encouraged by the woke mainstream media) keen to de-white the UK population as fast as possible, a few of Ethiopia’s teeming millions will no doubt be encouraged to move to a life of benefits and crime in the UK.

Ethiopia’s problem is not a lack of food, it’s a lack of birth control. But, of course, nobody dares say that as Ethiopians are black and are thus above any criticism. Anyone daring to mention ‘population control’ would immediately be branded as a bigot and a neocolonialist and a waaacccciiiissstttt!

Ethiopia already receives a massive $3.4bn a year in aid from the West. But according to the Global Financial Integrity project, Ethiopia’s rulers steal at least $2bn a year from their impoverished country. The billions stolen every year by Ethiopia’s rulers could have helped feed an awful lot of Ethiopians. In Ethiopia clearly black lives don’t matter to Ethiopia’s venal, greedy wealthy elites.

Fact 2: Ethiopia’s rich are really really rich

The 10 wealthiest Ethiopians are worth over $24bn according to Forbes Magazine. Here’s a list of them for anyone who is interested

A small wealth tax on this bunch of (IMHO) shysters would be sufficient to feed many of the country’s starving millions. But that doesn’t happen. Instead we suckers in the West are forced by our virtue-signalling governments to hand over around $3.4bn a year, most of which ends up in the offshore bank accounts of Ethiopia’s utterly corrupt elites.

Story 2 – Just give £2 a month (and get put on the ‘suckers list’)

You’ve probably all seen the charity TV ads exhorting you to give just £2 a month or £3 a month or even a one-off gift of £5. You’ll be told that this very modest donation will supposedly save an African child from starvation or prevent a child going blind or provide water for a family or rescue a donkey or whatever. Some of these charity ads may be genuine in that the charity will content itself with your fiver or your few pounds a month. But far too often what the charities are really doing is harvesting people’s contact details. These people will then be put on a ‘suckers list’ which will be handed over to commercial, profit-making fundraising companies.

The fundraising companies will then contact all the people on the ‘suckers list’ to try to get them to set up a monthly direct debit to the charity in question for much more than the initial £2 or £3 a month. Typically the suckers will be called and the caller will say something like “You have shown interest in (name of charity) and we wondered if you might be interested in showing further support.”

By the way, a sizeable chunk of your direct debit money (often all your first year’s to 18-months’ contributions) will go to the commercial fundraising company and not the charity.

As for supposedly helping Africans. For a start it’s believed that every year Africa’s kleptocrat rulers loot three times as much money from their countries as those countries receive in foreign aid and foreign investment. So, if we could just cut African corruption by say 50%, Africa’s elites could still become billionaires and the continent would be richer even if we stopped all foreign aid.

And anyway, given the explosive growth in Africa’s population, hundreds of millions of Africans will still be starving in 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 60 etc etc years time:

Africa needs population control, not an endless tsunami of our money.

As Christmas is approaching, enjoy this happy Christmas video. I produced this six years ago. But it is just as relevant today as it was in 2015 and will be just as relevant in 2025 and 2035 and 2045 etc etc as it is now:

7 comments to African billionaires thank you for your generous stupidity

  • Brenda Blessed

    I have a feeling that involuntary birth control is coming to Africa and the rest of the world in the very near future, but, as usual, disguised as something else.

    As some of us have noticed, the creeping, ever-lying powers that be are masters of disguising their real intentions by using the media and social media that they have brought under their control.

    But maybe Fate is the real puppetmaster that is using the bent people, who consider themselves as being the puppetmasters, and the outcomes are necessity itself in action and, as such, will turn out to be for the best in the long run.

  • Speaking of UK gullibility, below is a link to today’s edition of CrossTalk on RT. One of the guests is an Englishman who speaks about the “energy crisis” and other crises in the UK.

    Unfortunately, to become aware of the news that the the mainstream media doesn’t report or distorts or propagandises, you have to watch a Russian-run channel.

    It’s my rule to assume that the mainstream media is intentionally misleading us until further research proves otherwise.

    CrossTalk Bullhorns: Energy crisis, really? –

  • Loppoman

    An excellent discussion and summation on RT.
    You cannot really believe anything you read/see in the British media.

  • A Thorpe

    This is just a minor part of the utter incompetence of politicians and their lack of concern about spending our money. It is no wonder when they do not pay for the consequences of their mistakes. Should we be surprised when our corrupt government hands money to another.

    Look at the money our government is spending on HS2 with very few people seeing any benefit in it. Concorde was another financial disaster but great for those who were able to travel on it, essentially at taxpayers cost. It is not just the government, councils are no better. Brighton council is letting the Victorian arches collapse but has financed the money pit of the i360 tower.

    We need a written constitution that severely limits what governments can do, but America is demonstrating how easy it is to ignore their constitution when people vote for politicians that do not respect it.

  • William Boreham

    I wouldn’t mind contributing if I could virtually hand over the money to the chosen recipients themselves.
    For instance I saw a documentary about a young Indian girl who kept her whole family from starving by selling flowers to occupants of vehicles paused at traffic stops for a moment. She got an awful lot of abuse but the poor girl remained cheerful and dogged. I’d willing finance her each week as it obviously cost very little. Another was another Indian girl aged about 14 who was in change of a pack of younger children living on a rubbish dump! They earned their food and ‘accommodation’ by spending their day sorting through the rubbish. Incidentally, anyone else notice the revelation today that the public sector pension bill is now in debt to the tune of £2.4 trillion – that compared to the national debt of £2.2 trillion.

  • Bad Brian

    The public sector pension bill of £2.4 trillion is nothing to worry about as there is no way any responsible UK government past or present would condone a system where the actual workers and wealth creators of this country would find themselves taxed to penury in their old age to featherbed the pensions of lazy overpaid , underemployed civil servants.

    The very idea that our government would unfairly exploit one sector of the community and burden their children and grandchildren forever with debt and taxation without “leveling” up is impossible to believe .

    Now that Southend is to be made a city, I just wish that
    Jeremiah’s like William above would simply let the joy of this wonderful event enter his heart and join with the rest of the nation in celebration that our worshipful Queen has with great kindness, allowed this honour to be bestowed on a run down seaside backwater until recently inhabited by an unknown MP of 38 years who got murdered by a British nutter who’s Somalian dad lives in a £2 million pound council house.

  • Hardcastle

    I see today’s telegraph is full on climate propaganda,no doubt softening us up for the Glasgow globalist circus.It is interesting how the Telegraph veers from quite right wing leaning articles,to keep the supporters onside,to right on pro globalist narrative.This noticeably includes the business and financial sections.Classic controlled opposition.

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