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BBC ‘forgets’ to mention killer was a Somali

I’ve just watched the BBC Breakfast News. As expected, it started with a longish report about the murder of Tory MP Sir David Amess. Also, as expected, at no point did the BBC mention that the alleged murderer was a Somali. I wonder why not?

It really is time to scrap the TV licence and let the BBC become a subscription/advertising-funded organisation aimed at limp-wristed lefty, UK-hating, migrant-loving, Greta-worshipping, virtue-signalling, intellectually-challenged wokies. Then we’ll see if the BBC is the supposedly nationally-respected and supposedly well-loved institution its arrogant, West-hating, Third-world-loving, overpaid, over-pensioned executives claim it to be.

As for the Somali alleged murderer from Somalia, we’ll probably never be told the truth. But I suspect he is some sort of illegal migrant who was handed a fistful of British passports rather than being deported. Perhaps the lying scum migration lawyers who helped this (IMHO) piece of garbage stay in our country should be prosecuted for being accessories to murder? That might dampen their enthusiasm for scamming millions of taxpayers’ money in legal fees ensuring as many people who hate us as possible are able to stay in our country. After all, as far as I understand, not a single one of the over 20,000 Third-world multi-cultural enrichers, which have been ferried across the Channel this year by the (IMHO) UK-loathing Home Secretary Priti ‘Useless’ Patel, has been deported.

How Patel must be laughing at our stupidity as she floods our crowded island with every worthless multi-cultural enricher her ludicrously-misnamed Border Force can find.

And while we can expect plenty of crocodile tears from the elites, the truth is that to our UK-despising rulers British lives don’t matter.

10 comments to BBC ‘forgets’ to mention killer was a Somali

  • David Brown

    The Mirror reported on 15/10 Suspect is British National
    I sent them email asking why have a headline saying this even if he is. Other press media say 25 year old Somalian -no mention of this in your report.

    No reply .

  • Stillreading

    I think we all know by now that unless the woke BBC specifically and gleefully states that the perpetrator of any violent crime is white, it can be taken for granted that said perp is otherwise. Even more so when they state he/she is a “British citizen”! As for the licence, since the re-introduction of the payment requirement for the over 75s, I am holding out against coughing up. Two near neighbours are doing similarly, one, like me, on general principle, another in disgust following the Jimmy Saville and Martin Bashir/Princess Diana bank statement forgery revelations. The more people who refuse to pay up, the sooner an alternative financing model – subscription or advertising – will supercede the licence. It’s up to the British public to force the issue. The BBC is spending millions seconding licence fee enforcement to the deplorable Capita which, in turn, sends threatening letters to all households where there is no record of a TV licence. I receive at least three such letters every month, theatening me with enforcement officer visits, “interview under caution”, prosecution, £1,000 fine and, ultimately, imprisonment. The public needs to know that Capita “enforcement officers” are no more than salesmen, working for commission. They have absolutely NO right of entry to ANYONE’s home. If/when they call, the householder is under no obligation whatsoever to engage in conversation and should on no account whatsoever permit them entry into the home. If you engage in conversation at the door, and above all if you let them into your home, they’ll poke around and stitch you up, since virtually every house or flat now has a TV aerial socket into which an aerial could be plugged, enabling “live” TV reception. In the vast majority of cases the “enforfcement officers” don’t even know the name of the householder, so all demands for “name rank and number” of the person answering the door should be very firmly declined and the door equally firmly closed! As a family member commented to me recently, it used to be worth paying the BBC in order to enjoy advert-free programmes of reasonable quality. Now neither apply. The viewer is bombarded with lengthy, frequently trashy, self-advertising between BBC programmes, so why not watch outright commercial channels? Furthermore, the BBC very recently stated its intention only in future to make programmes aimed at the under 40s. The organisation clearly has utter contempt for all over that age, other than as a cohort from whom to extract £160 a year! And the fact that legally a licence is required even for those who never watch BBC channels is inexcusable. The BBC has had its day and should go.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Amess was an MP for a political party which imports thousands of these creatures every week.

    Actions have consequences.

  • A Thorpe

    He appears to be a second generation immigrant. I don’t have any statistics, but I have the impression that they are more likely to turn to terrorism than the first generation. Before his background was announced I heard mention of mental illness. The legal profession will show that money and not justice matters to them.

    Following after the Sarah Everard murder there will be even more concerns about safety and I can see our totalitarian government restricting us further. Promises of safety will be accepted in return for giving up more freedoms. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Those that give up freedom for safety, deserve neither.” That is where we are heading.

    The Telegraph is reporting that anybody who refuses to take part in hydrogen energy trials will have their energy supplies cut off.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The very strange murder of Remainer, MP Jo Cox, happened just before the Brexit referendum. It should have swung the vote to Remain but failed. The bizarre trial of the man charged with her murder, Thomas Mair, was even stranger.

    Because of that, I could not help wondering what the murder of Sir David Amess might foreshadow.

    Taking Tony Blair’s advice and thinking the unthinkable, the murder will almost certainly lead to the 650 MPs being given greater police protection and other security protection measures at great cost to us.

    Maybe the powers that be are expecting the SHTF as never before in history and they want to provide their people with as much protection as possible beforehand.

    Here is an excellent interview with Dr Shiva Ayyadurai. He is the man who who invented the email system at the age of 14 and has several degrees in engineering and biology. He talks about the corruption of the US voting system, the death of the first amendment of the US constitution, racism, Covid-19, Anthony Fauci, the vaccinations and how to create a scientifically-based response to the lies and corruption of the establishment.

    “Kristi Leigh interviews Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur currently spearheading the legal battle for the Maricopa County election audit. He says not to expect any changes to come from the legal system. Only working people’s movement will bring change.” –

  • Stillreading

    In the context of the Sarah Everard murder and concerns about safety, I can state on indisputable authority that neither the Government nor the NHS as an institution appear to care in the slightest for the safety of female hospital clinical staff. A young woman doctor very well known to me, currently in her first post-qualification post, is unable to park her car within or anywhere near the sizeable hospital in which she works. No viable public transport is available either to get her to or from work in the morning, nor to convey her to her flat when she finishes work in the evening, sometimes as late as 10.30 p.m. if emergencies have required her to work past the end of her designated shift. She has to walk alone through dark streets to get back to wherever she has been able to leave her car anything up to 14 or more hours earlier. No one in authority evidently cares in the least whether she is safe, whether she may be attacked, robbed, raped or even murdered. I am, frankly, appalled. MPs who, understandably, are now fearful for their personal safety when they see constituents in private on a one-to-one basis, need to take a long hard look at the very real danger thousands of young women hospital doctors are in just getting to and from home to work every night.

  • Brenda Blessed

    In this excellent video, Kristi Leigh interviews Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur – he invented the email system – who is currently spearheading the legal battle for the Maricopa County election audit. He argues that we should not expect any necessary changes to come from the legal system; that Only working peoples’ movements will bring change.

    He discusses the corruption of the US voting system, the death of the First Amendment of the US Constitution that protects freedom of speech, the corruption of science that allows false pseudo-scientific agendas to take hold, racism in the US, Dr Anthony Fauci, Covid-19, the vaccinations and how the lies of the establishment can be overcome.

  • Marc Ager

    The ever-lying powers that be in the West have clearly developed a taste for using startling and frightening and terrifying events to bring us under their control or get our support for their actions.

    At the time, it struck me immediately that the killing of Jo Cox just before the Brexit referendum was rather timely for the Remain campaign.

    If behavioural psychologists were given the task of choosing an MP to be killed in a terrorist attack that would horrify the public as much as possible could they have done any better than choosing Sir David Amess?

    The history of the murderer’s movements in this country must be examined very closely to find out how likely it was that he was to have become a genuine constituent of Sir David Amess, in my opinion.

  • Marc Ager

    As I suspected, the suspect, Ali Harbi Ali, lives in a North London council house in a street of £2-million three-storey town-houses.

    It would be interesting to find out how he managed to obtain that accommodation.

    Therefore, he is not a constituent of the murdered MP’s constituency.

    An MP is only bound to serve people who live in his constituency. MPs’ staff check that anyone writing to a particular MP or asking for an appointment is on the voters’ roll and has an address in the constituency before they start to address any problems.

    I know because in the 80s, I was not satisfied with the way that my MP was dealing with a problem I had and I wrote to David Owen for advice and he refused to deal with my problem, saying that I could only ask my own MP for help.

    Therefore, had the staff of Sir David Amess done those checks, Ali Harbi Ali would not have been allowed into the surgery in the first place. You cannot short-circuit an MP by asking another MP for advice even if your own MP is not doing a good job..

    Also, Ali Harbi Ali had been referred to the Prevent anti-radicalisation scheme. Surely, MPs’ staff should also be checking such lists when appointments are made to see an MP.

    And now this event is being used to bring about the reassessment of the security of our 650 MPs, which was bumped up significantly after the murder of Jo Cox..

  • Hardcastle

    My thoughts exactly Marc.The death of Jo Cox was just too convenient and the perpetrator a classic patsie.Lots of unanswered loose ends to the police investigation and a trial which was far from transparent.The behaviour of the husband raised doubts also.Do not think that the elite are beyond killing in their quest.

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