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Maybe this is what Fauci was up to?

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This blog may help fill in some gaps in understanding how the Chinese Wuhan plague originated.

Let me explain as briefly as I can.

I believe that Covid-19 was accidentally released by slovenly hygiene procedures at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Furthermore, I believe that US Dr Anthony Fauci was funding coronavirus research at Wuhan by channelling money to the Wuhan lab through the EcoHealth Alliance, probably to avoid President Saint Obama’s moratorium on gain of function research on viruses in the US.

But there’s a huge gap in this scenario – the answer to the question: Why was Fauci so interested/obsessed with gain of function research on coronaviruses that he would deliberately construct such an opaque method of funding the Wuhan lab work? Was Fauci just interested in coronaviruses in the same way as you or I might be interested in football or collecting rare coins? That’s unlikely.

And so we come to the video below. It’s much longer than I would normally recommend, but the key parts are in the first 20 minutes. In the latter part of the video the speaker starts to push a number of conspiracy theories which may appear somewhat dubious. As we have found out with our epidemiologists over the last year or so, you always have to be careful with people who are experts in small, highly-technical areas. As soon as they’re let out of their box and get media attention, they tend to lose all sense of proportion as they only view the world through the narrow lens of their own speciality. They will then say almost anything to get attention as they are usually desperate to stay in the limelight for the first time in their narrow little lives.

But the first 15 to 20 minutes of this video do seem to provide the missing pieces of the Fauci/Wuhan virus story – a possible explanation as to why Fauci was so determined to fund the Wuhan lab research.

In the first couple of minutes of the video, the speaker (Dr. David E. Martin) explains his work. This is important background. The real bombshells from the video (if you believe Dr David E. Martin) come between 7.40 minutes to 9.20 minutes.

Here are the main conclusions I’ve drawn from the video:

  1. Covid-19 is not a new (novel) virus. It has been in existence for over 20 years according to patents lodged by Fauci and the NIAID
  2. You cannot patent any naturally-occurring substance. What Fauci and the NIAID were patenting were laboratory-engineered manipulations of coronaviruses
  3. The original coronavirus research done over 20 years ago was aimed at finding vaccines for dogs
  4. The researchers then realised that the malleability of coronaviruses made them possibly ideal for developing a vaccine against HIV. The coronavirus would apparently function as a vector to distribute the HIV vaccine
  5. In Patent No: 7279327 dated 19 April 2002, Fauci’s NIAID tried to patent a manipulated version of a coronavirus specifically designed with a spike protein which made it highly infectious to humans. This could be a step on the way to the manufacture of the HIV vaccine

So, to cut a long story short, Fauci may have been trying to end his career on a spectacular high by manipulating coronaviruses to develop a vaccine against HIV. If he had succeeded, this would have been Nobel Prize-winning and Congressional Medal stuff. Or possibly he was just trying to develop a general vaccine against all coronaviruses.

Not only did he not succeed with either goal, but by working with a badly-managed, poorly-run, insufficiently-staffed Chinese lab to avoid Obama’s US moratorium on gain of function research, Fauci may have ended up creating and then leaking a laboratory-made virus which has already killed over five million people and will kill at least five million more.

Here’s the video. This video has been ignored by the mainstream media and lambasted by the usual supposed ‘factcheckers’ as crazy-conspiracy nonsense. You can decide for yourself whether you believe the content of the video’s first 15 or so minutes and whether my interpretation of how Covid-19 may have really happened is correct or not.

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6 comments to Maybe this is what Fauci was up to?

  • Bad brian

    Fauci is an out and out liar.

    Fauci stood on the stage behind Donald Trump smirking like a schoolboy as the world scratched its head trying to figure out where this Covid -19 virus had appeared from. Back then, he knew and despite his best efforts to continue to cover up and misdirect, people like David and many, many, scientists qualified in this field, have been more and more vocal in explaining how this virus appeared, against all the known laws of nature..

    The fact that this Chinese virus enhancing laboratory was funded by American tax dollars is difficult for Joe Public to both grasp and believe. The fact that this virus is man made means unlike other natural viruses and diseases, Covid-19 might not fizzle out naturally like bubonic plague, influenza and other nasties.

    I have had two immunity shots so far but when I was invited for a third one, I am so confused reading about side effects and other aspects of the vacinnes that so far I have stuck at the second one.

    Fauci needs hauled over the coals about his and some proper debate made public rather than our information coming to us from a clown like Boris or some other government stooge who goes on a 260 mile round trip to test that his new glasses are suitable for driving.

    if only the Queen would make Forfar a city, it might take my mind off things.

  • Stillreading

    I haven’t yet watched the above video, but anyone need only go to Fox News on Youtube and watch clips of Fauci being grilled by members of the Senate Committee to realize how flexible is his interpretation of truth! Neither our broadcast media nor the majority of the UK press any longer report even approximations of actuality concerning events of national or international importance. According to BBC R4 – I no longer can bear to watch BBC TV – Biden is a shining example of moral rectitude and intellectual superiority, not the mumbling, stumbling puppet, which film footage shows him to be, shoved in his senile years into office to do have his strings pulled by the extreme Left. It is said that even Obama advised that people not underestimate Jo Biden’s ability to f..k things up! As for Fauci, almost every time he opens his mouth he contradicts something he said previously. Liars need to have good memories and it’s evident that his isn’t quite up to it. What’s the betting, though, that he’ll get away with it? And undoubtedly make off with an excellent pension or retainer or whatever a substantial bung is called across the pond.

  • A Thorpe

    Appropriately, your email popped up as I was looking at other Covid information. I did see the video some time ago. I am sure that Fauci has a lot to answer for as you discuss. I am convinced that the virus was created at the University of North Carolina as part of the gain of function research. The basis of this research was to enable the rapid development of vaccines to be ready for new viruses, so it makes sense. Obama stopped the federal funding because he was concerned about a dangerous virus being released. I haven’t managed to find any details about what Obama knew but my betting is on the virus being created in the USA. North Carolina is linked in contracts with Fauci and Moderna, but the research was going on at various places in the USA as I understand it.

    When the funding stopped was probably when Fauci thought he could get round it. Perhaps it was a Nobel prize, or just money that motivated him, but this is when China became involved. As I keep saying with the USA and China both having some responsibility neither will admit anything because it will incriminate themselves. Will we ever get to the truth? We need investigative journalists to get onto it, but there is no sign of it happening.

    It is interesting how HIV crops up because Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR, apparently believed that HIV does not exist. I’m not interested in HIV and haven’t followed it up, but Mullis and Fauci did not get on, with Mullis saying something like Fauci was ignorant about almost everything. When Mullis died Fauci lost a critic.

    I was looking at an article on Principia Science International which has recently been publishing articles from other sites about Covid deaths and infections but they have all been based on total numbers and they did not take into account the number of people in the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups and so their claims could not be considered valid. The rate of infection or death is the only way to make a valid comparison. This information is in the government Covid surveillance reports and it shows there is a higher risk of infection among those who have been vaccinated compared with the unvaccinated.

    This is a link to the PSI article
    and there are links to the government reports.

    It obviously needs detailed analysis but looking down the infection rates in the tables in the PSI report, it looks as though the infection risk is increasing with time for the vaccinated but reducing for the unvaccinated. This could explain the increasing rates of infection. The UK infections are apparently about the same now as last year when we did not have the vaccines. The vaccines seem to reduce hospitalisations and the infection may be less severe. There are suggestions in the PSI links that the vaccine is reducing the effectiveness of the immune system in the long term. It all goes back to Fauci, he sent the virus to Wuhan and when it was released he supported the severe Chinese lockdown measures which had never been proposed in any of the US or UK simulations on how to deal with a pandemic.

  • Ian J

    You are right, this is massively important and should be broadcast on all TV.
    I have just listened to the whole of the video and am apalled that our so called governments/leaders/spooks/military/corporations have been plotting to destroy us all for so many years. Those in power have known about this for 20+ years and have distorted the media, ‘treating us like mushrooms’ and feeding us a diet of moronic TV shows and imbecile social media ‘stars’ (I (for one) only watch/listen to a diet of repeats), to conceal what they have been plotting for ordinary people

    Thank you for revealing this, even if (as I suspect) it will be ignored/dismissed by ‘them’, because more of us will realize their plans for us and reject them, even if we cannot ‘drain the swamp’, which appears to be far larger than ever I imagined.

  • Dave, you are not treating this Covid business with anywhere nearly the same amount of research that you have devoted to the so-called climate crisis.

    As far as I am concerned, they are both in the same extremely high order of phoniness.

    In my opinion, the Covid phoniness is several orders of rank higher than the climate-crisis phoniness and several orders of rank higher in the damage that is doing to mental and physical health, relationships, economies and the education of the young, which is already woefully and obviously purposefully dumbed down.

    The cases on which all of the data is based come from the results of PCR tests and lateral flow tests, both of which have been discredited. The PCR test by its own creator, the late Dr Kary Mullis, a biochemist who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the test. The lateral flow test by the US CDC that advised that it should be binned due to its inaccuracy. Apparently, the UK bought a billion of that test.

    Apparently, the CDC is bringing in a new test in January 2022.

    The media give us the rises and falls of these cases as measured by those two tests, but never break them down into how they turn out or compare them to the causes of other deaths. – False positives, asymptomatic, illness but no hospitalisations, hospitalisations, death from Covid with no comorbidities, deaths with comorbidities and those broken down into what the comorbidities are, etc.

    As far as I am concerned, all of that data must be available but is not being released to the media. Where there is such a lack of detail there is always deception taking place.

    If this “pandemic” were genuine, all of that data would be provided. It obviously is not being provided because there is a similar state of affairs taking place as is taking place with the falsification of climate change data into a climate crisis.

    But at least with climate change, data is provided that is either untrue or is purposefully deceiving, such as the Sky News’ “The Daily Climate Show” displaying the rising temperature to 9 decimal places, or is true but has nothing to do with climate change, such as the bushfires, floods, etc.

  • Marc Ager

    It doesn’t matter what Fauci or Biden or the Clintons or the FBI or CIA bosses or Maxine Waters get up to. They never get indicted with anything. US law only gets applied to the people who oppose the liberals.

    Maxine Waters has paid her own daughter over a million dollars taken out of campaign funds, which is illegal. It doesn’t matter to them because they know full well that their theft will have no legal consequences. Maybe the IRS will make them pay income tax on it. Just as Biden’s profiting from his son Hunter’s illegal activities will have no legal issues. However, had Trump done any of that kind of stuff, he would have been impeached.

    The US Supreme Court and all other US courts turned a blind eye to the proof of election fraud in the 2020 election.

    Therefore, blaming Fauci for using the Chinese Wuhan laboratory to enhance a natural coronavirus using gain-of-function technology to turn it into a pandemic-class virus only adds to its legitimacy as such.

    But as we know, Covid-19 is less deadly than influenza that can be dangerous to all ages. Covid19 is mainly a danger to people at the end of their lives who have hospitalisation-serious or terminal health conditions. And even then the recovery rate of the people aged 85+ is 95%. And even then, it is unclear if they were laid low by something other than Covid, such as influenza.

    The liberals have brought the US into such sharp decline that its legal system is not worth the paper it is written on. Fauci won’t ever be indicted for anything, so it doesn’t matter what he is accused of doing. It just serves to feed the legitimacy of the pandemic and the need for the genetic vaccinations and booster shots.

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