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“I can’t believe it’s not Ivermectin”

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Hooray for Merck! Hooray for our pharma companies!

You’re probably aware that the US pharma company, Merck, has just cut short their clinical trials of a new antiviral wonder drug, Molnupiravir, to treat the Wuhan Chinese plague and has requested emergency approval from the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The reason that the trials were halted and approval sought was that Molnupiravir has proved so successful at treating Dr Frankenstein Fauci’s Chinese plague that Merck wanted to get the drug out and in use saving lives as fast as possible.

Although we are now in October, Merck already signed a deal with the US Government back in June for $1.2bn for 1,700,000 courses of Molnupiravir. So Merck had quite a lot of cash riding on Molnupiravir’s success. Analysts believe that Merck could earn over $7bn from Molnupiravir and that it could be one of the most lucrative drugs ever produced (apart from heroine and cocaine, of course).

Other pharma companies are believed to be well advanced in their research to develop similar treatments for the Xi Pingpong plague accidentally released from a Wuhan Institute of Virology programme to develop biological weapons.

What about Ivermectin?

As always when there is good news, there will be cynics who question whether things are really what we are told. These cynics have highlighted the fact that Merck already produce an antiviral, Ivermectin, and have claimed that Ivermectin is an effective treatment for the WuFlu if given early on.

Cynics have also noted that Ivermectin is out of patent and only costs around $1 to $2 for a course of treatment whereas Molnupiravir is supposedly a new drug and is therefore protected by patent and costs about $700 for a course of treatment.

Here are (I believe) the chemical formulas for the two antivirals:

  • Molnupiravir C13H19N3O7
  • Ivermectin C47H72O14

I haven’t studied chemistry so I cannot comment on whether these two drugs are substantially different. But cynics might be tempted to claim that with Molnupiravir, Merck have merely fiddled around with Ivermectin to produce something that was rather similar but yet sufficiently different to justify Molnupiravir being classed as a new (and therefore patentable and much more profitable) medicine:

It’s just a horse dewormer!

A strange thing about Ivermectin is that there has been a massive media campaign to discredit Ivermectin as a possible treatment for the Chinese Covid-19 plague. The FDA informs us that “Certain animal formulations of ivermectin such as pour-on, injectable, paste, and “drench,” are approved in the U.S. to treat or prevent parasites in animals”. And there have been well-publicised stories of some Americans taking veterinary Ivermectin and being seriously ill or even dying. What these shock, horror stories tend not to mention is that Ivermectin is an approved drug for humans: “Ivermectin is approved for human use to treat infections caused by some parasitic worms and head lice and skin conditions like rosacea”. Moreover, when shrieking about the dangers of taking Ivermectin, the media tend to not mention that over 3.7 billion doses have been safely administered to humans over the last 40 or so years.

Don’t mention India

There is one possibly relevant story that tends to be overlooked by the media – what has happened in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

In Uttar Predesh about 2,000 Rapid Response Teams were sent to over 10,000 households checking for Covid-19 infections and distributing home care kits containing: Paracetamol tablets [tylenol], Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [quantity #10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [quantity #10 tablets]. Other non-medication components included face masks, sanitizer, gloves and alcohol wipes, a digital thermometer, and a pulse oximeter.

Five weeks after the start of this programme, the number of Chinese plague cases in Utter Pradesh had dropped by over 97%. On August 25, 2021, the Indian media noticed the discrepancy between Uttar Pradesh’s massive success and other states, like Kerala’s, comparative failureAlthough Uttar Pradesh was only 5% vaccinated compared to Kerala’s 25%, Uttar Pradesh had (only) 22 new COVID cases, while Kerala was overwhelmed with 31,445 in one day:

The reddish line shows the number of cases in Kerala state where about 25% of the population were vaccinated and the blue line shows the case numbers in Uttar Pradesh where just 5% of the population were vaccinated.

So it could be concluded that whatever was contained in those treatment kits must have been pretty effective.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but ………

I would never sink to the level of conspiracy theorists who might suggest that the pharma companies (especially Merck) have colluded with the FDA and the media to discredit the incredibly cheap, out-of-patent Ivermectin so that we could be sold the much more expensive, in-patent Molnupiravir plus other similar and similarly expensive new antiviral drugs which will soon be on the market.

To suggest this would be to suggest that many of the 5 million who have been slaughtered by the Wuhan plague have died unnecessarily as there was always a cheap and effective treatment (Ivermectin) available.

But some people might worry that things may not be quite what the mainstream media are telling us:

4 comments to “I can’t believe it’s not Ivermectin”

  • twi5ted

    Excess death data does not support 5 million additional deaths. Perhaps those 5 million would have died anyway.

    In the UK if we had not shut down the health service and scared everyone causing huge anxiety plus untold misery there would be very few excess deaths. Most likely nobody would have noticed.

    I have tracked ONS data and by my calculation excess deaths currently over the last 12 months is around 60k. I get around 110k if i go back to Jan 20. Vs the previous 5 year average. But without a health service and thousands of oldies booted out of hospitals into care homes left to die and thousands put on respirators unnecessarily who were too old and frail to fight.

  • A Thorpe

    The first paragraph reveals how governments and organisations setup to ensure our safety are failing us completely and it is the words “trials were halted”. This should never be allowed to happen. All trials should follow a strict protocol and should not depart from it. I don’t know why it should be but apparently RCTs often produce what appears to be good outcomes in the early stages of trial and when it is the drug companies conducting the trials they bring them to an end prematurely. This makes a mockery of trials and it is exactly what happened in the Covid vaccine trials. Pfizer had good results early in the trial with a very small sample and they ignored results from later in the trial which showed the vaccines to have little benefit and they presented these results to the FDA so they available. There is now an undercover video of discussions with Pfizer employees saying the vaccines are not as good as natural immunity.

    There are many graphs of cases from American states having different polices and a comparison appears to show that mask wearing and lockdowns have no effect. There are graphs also showing that States that introduced vaccines did not have a reduction in cases. The Indian data shows that when Ivermectin use was stopped the cases increased.

    I’m not sure what to make of these comparisons because there are a lot of factors that influence the cases. This is why properly designed trials are required. For example, a trial on mask wearing when there social distancing and lockdowns cannot isolate the effect of mask wearing and so the results will not be accurate, and that is before you consider the different types of masks and human behaviour differences.

    Yesterday I saw a video interview with Mattias Dement, a Belgian psychologist, available on YouTube but rather long at 75 min and called WHY DO SO MANY STILL BUY INTO THE NARRATIVE? He believes the Covid restricts are a mass psychosis associated with totalitarian beliefs. He compares it to hypnosis, although the hypnotist is still in the real world, but with totalitarian ideology the perpetrators are just as deluded as the masses they control. Importantly he says that totalitarian systems can only exist when there is an enemy and that enemy is people like us that do not accept the narrative. He also says they ultimately have to collapse, but it is the damage they have done whilst they exist that matters. I have found philosophers saying this, but Mattias brings in up to date by talking about a specific event today. What he says also applies to climate alarmism.

    Regarding the comments from twi5ted I have the ONS database of annual deaths from 1838 to 2020 and the death rate in 2020 is the 12th lowest on record. Every year prior to 2009 had a higher death rate. 2019 has the lowest death rate on record and it could be argued that there were more very ill people that would have died in 2020 anyway. So average 2019 and 2020 and the death rate is 984 per 100,000 people. The average death rate for the years 2009 to 2019 is 979, so only 5 less than the 2019/20 average. I cannot see any pandemic in these figures.

  • Ed P

    The BBC have an anti-Ivermectin shoddy piece of crap on their front (web) page. It’s full of the usual half-truths and distortions, but probably sufficient to discourage the moronic sheep from trying the best treatment available.
    Oh, for a reckoning for these evil liars, involving lampposts and rope.

  • Very good stuff in the article and the comments.

    I’ll send it to GB News, which does its best to discredit the Covid vaccinations, but still sticks to the official lines and pushes the shots, as does the rest of the mainstream media. I doubt if it will make any difference because there appears to be collusion in the media (and government and the medical profession) not to expose this immense worldwide confidence trick.

    This Covid drug business is much like the case with HIV.

    Dr Kary Mullis, who received the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the PCR test in use to diagnose Covid-19, mysteriously died of pneumonia in August 2019, just before the “pandemic” kicked off.

    He objected to the use of his test to diagnose cases of HIV, a positive test for which Big Pharma had built up into a death sentence, requiring a very expensive cocktail of drugs just to keep it under control. He stated that his PCR test cannot be used as a test for virus infections or to diagnose any kind of illness. But that is not stopping the medical profession and the media from making out that is a valid test that gives rise to valid case data.

    He said that HIV was a very rare virus that was not responsible for any disease, as is the case with most viruses, and that it was not responsible for AIDS, which he said is really a collection of mainly lifestyle-created diseases that were therefore not even sexually transmitted.

    12 diseases that affect people with HIV/AIDS –

    He said that Big Pharma had put the blame on the HIV virus for those diseases. Mullis said that the reason was to make huge amounts of money for Big Pharma for the drug treatment of a virus that was supposed to be able to disable the human immune system and allow those other diseases to kill the people who became infected with it. Apparently the US CDC was going bankrupt at the time.

    Mullis said that no virus would ever have the intelligence to disable the human immune system because all viruses are merely collections of genetic material that are not even alive.

    No vaccines have been developed for HIV since it seemingly broke out in the 1980s. Why? – Obviously because the HIV virus is not responsible for the collection of diseases that Big Pharma calls AIDS.

    Ebola – the other recent killer virus – is already treated by vaccination.

    Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR, talks about the HIV-AIDS connection –

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